New SmartThings App (No Routines?)

I wonder if anyone can provide some feedback on the following:

I was pushed towards finally switching my account to a Samsung login and all is fine in the classic app, then I was curious so decided to have a look at the “New SmartThings App”

Most devices come over ok apart from a few custom devices, such as my solar panel data and some Lightwave integration, and annoyingly my Honeywell Evohome system.

When I was tinkering around with it I noticed that none of the routines were present (Goodnight, Good Morning, etc) and there was not section or area of the app where I could find routines or the ability to create one.

Goodnight not surprisingly is something I literally perform every night so I went to setup a new automation and this was a dead end.
I went in to devices and created a new scene.
To my surprise, I was amazed at how limited the options were here and concluded this was also the wrong section as it does not give you an ability to change the mode or home security status etc.

So really my main question is, how do I perform Good night “with a button” I don’t want to be restricted to a time or scenario to trigger this, in the new SmartThings app???

Am I missing something or have the really genuinely removed it with the impression that, that’s a great idea?

– Totally separate from the is to choose a Room now is just ridiculous and long winded, what is wrong with the ST Classic way, The new app you basically need to keep swiping and swiping and swiping until you get to the room you want. –

Excluding that little rant, any ideas or feedback on this?



Best recommendation is to use the Classic app at this point. The new STSC does not have the full functionality that is available in the Classic app.


Thanks for attaching the link, I have had a good read through and will be bookmarking this for now.

I fully plan on sticking with the Classic App for a long as possible, I was just being nosy to be entirely honest. Im just surprised such a simple feature like Goodnight is not already within the STSC APP.

After playing around with it, they still have much to do with it to make it a nice user friendly app (In my opinion). The selecting rooms really bugs me, Im worried if that sticks long term and still there when the discontinue the Classic app :roll_eyes: Cant explain how much I hate have to get RSI having to swipe side to side just to get to a room.

Some of the most usable features are ruined, I have to assume the the its a totally different software development team working on STSC as the those that worked on the Classic App.

You can change that. In the upper bar in the center is a pull-down. Change from Home to All Devices which changes it to scrolling through your rooms/devices.

So you have the option of swiping or scrolling


I am still finding that I have to swipe regardless if I’m in home or all devices. What an I missing? How do you get to a specific room without swiping?

Yeah but then its just a long list of devices and feels unorganised, having them rememberer how far to scroll for a certain item.

Great if you only have a few, but in a house with 10 rooms and at least 5 devices per room gets a bit tiring.

Classic App has it just right, if I want all listed (things) I can, if I want to go by room I can do that too with very little effort.


Ha ha I was just commenting on the swiping part. :grinning:

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From what I can see in STSC you just can’t, its list all, or forever swipe to get the room you want. #Long


Strange! When I select All Devices, I only scroll through the long page of rooms/devices and don’t have the ability to swipe between rooms.

And you do have to swipe on the list all too. I have 100+ devices in 16 rooms. The new app is hard to get around in. I have started making dashboard screens in in preparation of having to use the new interface.

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You are correct, I’m not swiping between rooms I’m swiping trying to find devices in a really long list. LOL. Too much swiping for me. :sweat: I really like the classic interface.

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Who knows, it is not a finished project so one can hold out hope there might be future changes.

Ha!Ha! Just kidding

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At the minimum, i hope they make the room order configurable in the new app. That way you don’t have to swipe forever to get to your most common rooms.

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LOL… you didn’t even have to say “Just Kidding” we knew that anyway :laughing:

Smartthings hasn’t listened to its customers / users for the last 3 maybe more years, now Samsung have taken control, there is no hope.

I like to be optimistic and positive and think that maybe one of the Smartthings team members read these and take a moment to digest it and say ‘DO you know what, they are right’ lets sort that out.
But Im better off playing the lottery :rofl: better odds.

They don’t tend to ever reply to anything that is a result of making it better.

Oh well.


Clearly not just me that hates it, maybe if a 1000 people moan, they might chance it.

I was going to say a couple of hundred, but that’s not enough people to be un happy with it for them to make a chance lol

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I’m more comfortable wtih the Classic app, but am using both to learn and get used to the new one. Routines and Scenes are kind of redundant, which may be why they got rid of Routines? You can create a “Good Night” or “Good Bye” scene and you can select which mode you’d like the scene to change to. Try adding a scene and you’ll see “Change this location’s mode” is one of the options after giving it a name. The problem that I’ve found is you can’t create new modes from the app (nor from the classic either since its last update awhile back). If you need to create a totally new mode, you have to log into your Smartthings Groovy IDE here: From there you can select your location and then you have access to even more than what the app offers, including creating new modes.

The correct URL for folks to use is and not the graph.api URL that you posted.

I love the classic app, but as mentioned the lack of home monitor or routines makes the new app unusable. It also makes me wonder if the new app designers actually use smartthings…

New app has SHM and has Custom Automations, which are even more configurable than Routines.

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The problem with the new app in SHM is you cannot configure a custom rule. For instance if a door contact or a remote motion sensor is activated record from a camera. You have to set that up in the classic app. The app is also very slow to come up on my iPhone and iPad. The classic app comes up much faster. Landscape mode would also be nice for the iPad. The classic app works in landscape mode. I hope to see that sometime soon.

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