Smart Home Monitor on Classic and the New apps

Do you guys set Smart Home Monitor on both apps(classic and the new)?
I see the new app has an option to delay before alert (I guess it’s siren delay feature) up to 1 minute. I can’t find the feature in the classic app. However, in classic app, there is a custom section. Is this the place to setup the delay? For example, I already set all the contact sensors for away and stay. Now I am in custom, there is a section “what do you want to monitor?”. Let’s say I monitor the contact sensors are opened and I can set “for how long?” So that sounds like I can give a time frame for the contact sensors in open status then sound the siren?

Is there any option I can turn off siren for stay mode. (I read many people already asked about it, but none of the solutions is what I want. Can it be done in WebCore?)

I am still new to ST and webCore. Sorry asking those stupid questions.
Thank you very much.

Those are two completely separate smartapps which just happen to have the same name. :scream:

So whatever you set in SHM classic will not affect any of the settings or actions for SHM “SmartThings (Samsung Connect)” And vice versa. You just have to think of them as two completely separate smartapps.

And they have different features. As you noted, STSC has a delay. Classic does not.

See the following (this is a clickable link)