I like new Smartthings (dagnabit)

Through grited teeth I now mostly like the new ST app, I have long been and made no secret about, not liking the new UI but since my migration and the 32.7 fw update the app works quickly and reliably, for me at least things seem on the up

Thank you ST

No proper Fibaro RGBWw led driver integration
No “ON” from standby for KU 2017 TV
previously available in old app


I too am finding I like it. Some things I still liked better on the old app, but overall, the new one is growing on me.

Honestly, though, I’m finding I mostly only use the app to add devices and set up simple smart apps/automations. The more complex automations I setup with Webcore. I rarely use the app to run anything; that all now either happens with a smart button, automatically, or I tell Google (and more recently, Alexa) to do it.


My 32.7 update made everything usable, I usually poke at the app for 5 minutes don’t really customise it as everything took ages to load and reload and just closed the app basically loathing it

Tonight I was able to jump in and out of rooms customising what I needed to display instantly with no delays in reloading devices

The difference between before and after the update is night and day

I like everyone else just received an email saying the update is paused whilst the issues are investigated, don’t despair, the wait is worth it, the damn thing flys when the update finally gets resolved

I have only ever used the new app, and this makes me feel a bit better. It is disconcerting to open the app and have everything wonky for 10 seconds. It is not as bad when it shows the offline cloud, but I fall for it every time when it shows sensors in the wrong state for a while. “OMG! Why is the patio door open?! Oh, wait, it just updated.”