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Things I like BETTER about the new app vs Classic

(JIm) #103

For testing purposes, I enabled notifications on both apps. The new app is consistently quicker and more reliable. Sometimes beats the old app by several minutes.


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(jkp) #105

I don’t see this behavior with the Classic and Samsung Connect apps on my mobile devices. Notifications for both always appear at the same time. I’m on iOS if that makes a difference.

(JIm) #106

I’m on Android.

(JIm) #107

Mine was positive, wasn’t it? :grin:

(Ron S) #108

Just the opposite here.

(Barton.) #109

The new app shows Ikea Tradfri bulbs as a selection to add. The classic and IDE do not.

(Jimmy) #110

Classic does and they use the ZLL dimmable 5000k handler

(Barton.) #111

Well that’s weird. Mine list stops after three bulbs from Sengled.

(Jimmy) #112

Look under all categories instead of SmartThings recommendas.

(Barton.) #113

Ugh. Thanks.

(David) #114

I made the switch the last couple of days. I figured might as well try since it’s going to happen. All and all I don’t mind the new app. It’s presence is better, it responds better, it lags less, and I got use to the UI. I even got to like the scenes vs automation pattern, it makes sense to me.

Few questions or issues though. I have read a few places that you can’t disarm/arm or unlock doors based on presence because of security concerns. That may be the case or a rumor, but if they decided that, why didn’t they support a keypad right away? The Centralite or Iris keypad would have been easy to support?

I did have a Nexia Doorbell Sensor and an Aeotec Doorbell chime device, I got those working adding the mcmc and vid device types from another thread, so those work.

I also liked SHDelay and my Iris Keypad, but that all doesn’t work. I setup the Iris keypad as a motion sensor and it at least gives me some motion and battery stuff, but not a keypad.

I wonder if they plan to support keypads in the future?

I like the delay feature they added, that makes sense and has been requested forever for the old app.

The other thing I find weird is not being able to set mode from a scene, why not, that would be easy and helpful.

Then being able to use a NOT feature in automation, so run this automation if Mode NOT Away or Armed, it only has If for includes, and a single one, not multiple, that would be helpful.

Then the whole unlock doors thing. If presence is too dangerous, then give me keypad support so I can put a keypad outside and give people codes.

Some other small things, in the old SH I could do custom things like alert when door has been open, or sound a chime if a door was open, that seems to be gone.

Then I was thinking about trying out Scout, but looks like that is gone, maybe a future ADT partnership for our self setup homes?

Lastly, I like ActionTiles, would be nice if they helped them support Scenes, Automations, and the new SHM, the rest of ActionTiles works, just those don’t.

All and all once I got used to it, if they tweak a few things, I’m ready. I’m trying to use the new app, it’s the future, it’s where they are going, it’s where we end up unless we leave, so trying to like it.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #115

We’re making this a priority in our discussions with the various Samsung & SmartThings folks we’ll “meet & greet” at SDC (Samsung Developers Conference) in just a few weeks. It’s always easier to get answers live and in-person :slight_smile:.

(David) #116

Noticed a few other things, maybe someone knows something about. You can’t say make an automation only run once a day, that was good for running a scene, based on motion, during a time frame. Like wake up the house when the first person wakes up between 6:00AM - 8:00AM, as of now it runs constantly until you hit 8:00AM.

I also had Life360, but and it showed connected, and the two mobile devices, but they didn’t work. I so removed all that and used the new presence, which gives me options in Automatons, but is there a way to see if a person is there or not, or is it all behind the scenes?

Anyone try out the Locations feature, I assume you can get a notification when someone goes near a tagged location, so it could replace Life360, minus the routes and maps and all?

(Jimmy) #117

Yeah, I don’t see once a day option anywhere. Only once. The new app hides mobile presence devices for some reason. What’s this Locstions feature you’re referring to?

I would expect some continued changes to the custom automation creator.

(JIm) #118

The mobile presence based on the old app and Life360 is in device status rather than member’s location. The new app presence is in the member’s location. So you can use any of them in the new app, just find them in different places. In my case the new app location doesn’t seem to work as well as the old one and Life360.

And just like dkmcgowan says, I wish they would get the keypad support. There is no other automation to set SHM modes other than dashboard.

(Jimmy) #119

Are you saying you can see the status of your mobile presence device in the new app?

(David) #121

Go to Devices, click on the top left where your Location of your Hub will show up, there is an option for “Add Location”, where you can set Location name and then it says Geolocation, “Set a real-world location so you can automate actions whenever you arrive or leave”

I assumed that meant you could set locations like your office, or the grocery store, but I have not tried it yet.

(JIm) #122

If I understand your question correctly. In things in the new app you can see both Life360 and the OLD app location as devices and they show status. In the new app automations you can select based on device status and use those there. The new app location can be used in an automation from the Based on a member’s location. But I don’t see it in the things list. However it does show up in the old app under things. Kinda weird.

Hope I understood what you were asking.

(David) #123

Weird, I had Life360 connected, both users showed up, but if I clicked them it threw an error and wouldn’t load, and the status didn’t change in the new app, and they were not available for automations. I went to old app, deleted both devices, uninstalled the Life360 app, then went to the new app, turned on locations, and then I can’t see the status, but I can use the phones in automations. I did it all last night and haven’t left the house yet today, so no idea how well it works.

I just assumed they would kill Life360 support and “try” to make Locations work themselves, all that data they will want like everyone else with a mobile app, and it makes tighter integrations easier. The fact they have a “add location” means maybe they will do more with location, if I was them I would, never understood why they couldn’t get that code stable, it’s not that difficult, personally done it i iOS and Android before, use to be a developer, now a boring manager who makes PowerPoints and plays with SmartThings :slight_smile: