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Things I like BETTER about the new app vs Classic

(Jimmy) #41

in your second screen shot, tap add in the upper right and it should be in the list of apps

(Paul Fitzpatrick) #42

Sorry the order the pictures loaded was backwards, the first image is what I see when I click add in the second image, no apps whatsoever just basic automations. All the listed apps were imported from classic

(Jimmy) #43

Interesting. On iOS I get the below. You can see the new SHM under Recommended.

(Paul Fitzpatrick) #44

Wow, drastically different, I was going to say it must be an iOS/Android difference with android lagging behind but I just checked on my other halfs iPhone and it’s not there either so I’m thinking it’s a region issue. Probably not rolled out for Europe yet, I’m in Sweden and last I checked this wasn’t even an officially supported SmartThings country.

(Jimmy) #45

ah! that could be it.


Just curious was there ever an apology or explanation from SmartThings as to why they released a new app before it was usable?

(Jameson) #47

I think you are looking at it from a different perspective. All the new devices like Samsung connect pro and TVs and robots, HAD to already use the new app, it was just called another name. While their communication left ALOT to be desired, for 95% of users(those who use no custom device handlers and only supported products) the new app works fine for them. While I love tinkering with my hub and handlers and bring in other products like next and blink to my smarthings, the core customer base they are supporting are not really on these forums and using those features. The new app works fine for me, with over 100 devices, outside of a few I still use custom handlers on, as well as some of my automations. Hopefully all this is supported before the retire the old app, but I don’t know if anyone, even the people at Samsung know how it will all end up.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #48

Samsung” made them do it. So… any apologies or explanations really ought to come from the parent.

As @jamesonrw writes, the new App is not necessarily a poor experience for the majority of Customers.

I just wish it didn’t have the same name as the Classic App. That’s what causes the most confusion and could have been avoided until the old App was deprecated (i.e., after the final set of feature parity has finally been decided and implemented; and non-parity features officially deprecated along with excellent communication of them).


Absolutely, this was the most confusing part for me especially as a Samsung Galaxy user with the “new app” preloaded, auto updated, and logged in. I get that to have new users use the new app it would make sense for its name to match the product. But why cause the situation in the first place just wait for the product to be completely ready before releasing/forcibg it to the public.

Ok rant over… thanks for your time :slight_smile:

(Erwenger) #50

Ok. But…

  • I list my devices in the old app by type with a naming convention. (Eg. Motion_Door_Front). New app sorts by room. Can I view them how I want?

  • How do you add a device not listed in the app? Used to have a manual mode? Now the only way is via IDE?

  • GDPR list of ur data is interesting. Can you auto expire? I’d love to retain data for say 7 days max and then have it expire.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #51

Event data already expires after 7 days.

(Jimmy) #52

just choose any standard device. once the hub is in pairing mode it will add any device it finds.

(Mark) #53

Some people have suggested it was so they could time it with the release of new phone hardware.

The fact that it wasn’t finished was only a problem for those of us here that don’t limit ourselves to the officially supported DTHs and automations. And as mentioned, Samsung basically doesn’t give a shit because it’s such a small proportion of their total user base.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #54

Astute observation and explains why they immediately recommended that all new Customers use the new App, even though Classic was more stable and Community supported.

Presumably having SmartThings built into the new phones and TVs must be helping SmartThings’s Hub sales growth too… And yet this Community is NOT growing (nor is the number of Likes of the SmartThings official Facebook Page: Stuck at around 60k for a couple years).

We really don’t know what’s going on outside our neighborhood.

(Jimmy) #55

The new app can now handle scenes with non-lighting devices. My guess is this is a first step towards replacing Routines.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #56

I guess it is somewhat satisfying to see the features that early Community members requested and described a few years ago, finally being realized.

This Topic below is from September 2014 … But Scenes were discussed even in 2013. We didn’t mention non-lighting devices often, but it makes sense (at least for Thermostats and Window Shades…)

(Jimmy) #57

I like the scene paradigm. It’s easy for beginners to grasp and familiar to users of other apps (Hue).

(Paul) #58

I appreciate your keeping us up to date with the new app. Do you think you could mention the version number when you spot changes? For example, is this something that you just discovered, was enabled remotely or is from an update in the App Store. If the latter, I’m not seeing an update but maybe it’s still rolling out.

(Jimmy) #59

no app update in this case. i’m still on iOS 1.6.11 that came out a month ago. with the scenes creator being cloud based, they could update it at any time.

Looks like they also fixed the sunset to sunrise bug in the custom automation creator. i got all my custom devices working to some extent, so i’ve been using the app more as I migrate things.

(Ron Talley) #60

What I like the most about the new SmartThings App is, I don’t have to install it right now!

That’s all.

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