Very Pleased with new app and I finally deleted classic

I have 26 devices, a hub, 2 custom device handlers , and I use the smart home monitor software and custom automation for simple notifications. I installed the new app. I re did some of my automations (they are simple) in the new app. I am very pleased- everything worked. One minor issue the DOME siren custom device handler does not allow me to change options (chimes, volume, timing) like the classic app does. I don’t really use them, so I just installed a default Zwave on/off device handler that works good enough. All other 25 devices work flawlessly. I REALLY like the new interface vs. the classic app. Automations are so much easier. The use of smart home monitor seems ALOT easier to work with and understand than on the classic app. A few months ago none of this worked and it was not easy. This time- it worked extremely well. Very nice job ! I deleted the classic app from all my devices now and am 100% on the new app.


I have a Dome too, but I can change those settings in the new app with the custom DTH:

To get to these tap on the 3 vertical dots in the upper right of the device’s window, then select Settings:

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Thanks- not working for me. Apple iPhone 10 ios13… this is what I see - I also can’t select the options

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Wow, now that’s weird, but not surprising considering everything else being found with the new app. Do you have any other phone/device to try?

@krlaframboise, have you seen this yet?

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@krlaframboise and I discussed this recently and I’ve seen the same issue myself. I’ll let him provide more details.


I have done the same thing, deleted the Classic app from all my devices, but I am having some issues. I think that all I have to do is tweak some things. I would be very pleased as you are but my fan light controllers lost most functionality and I have yet to get it back.

Were you paid to do that or just like skydiving without parachute? :laughing: :joy:

Have you ran into the issue where you can only make a setting change one at a time on a z-wave device? It’s a lot of back and fourth.

How have your scenes gone? I have to try the same scene multiple (successful) times to get everything whipped into line.

I admire your bravery, but my wife is already not happy about our current migration attempts and things not working.

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was not paid…I think I got lucky…and my set up- is fairly straightforward

cool- thanks- a solution would be nice to have.

That’s not the issue we were discussing, I’ve never seen that issue before…

Everything looks fine for me, but the mobile app often crashes and re-opens when I change a setting.

When it doesn’t crash after changing a setting the rest of the settings screen freezes so the only way to change another setting is to go back to the device details and re-open the settings screen.

I’ve only tested with Android lately so the display issue might be an issue with the iOS app…

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In old smartthing app, i used life 360 and also created many virtual devices and trigger them using ifttt, but in new smartthing app, those apps are not available.
so please guide me how to add life 360 app and virtual device creator app in new smartthing app???

Hi @Sagar, there are already a few very good posts about Life360 and functionality with the new app, so I recommend you use the forum’s search feature to find those. They are there, but since I don’t use Life360 I’m not sure which post to point you to that would help you the most.

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Not helpful but no worries. I don’t care all that much about the siren. Ill try it on an Android when I get time. Thx

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I have installed all of my devices on the new app from the beginning and I have everything programed in it too except for my cameras. The system works well. The problem the new app still has is you can’t make an Arlo pro 2 camera record when a door contact is open or a motion sensor besides the one on the camera is activated. This can only be done in the classic app. I’m not sure why this critical item has not been addressed over the last year in the new app but it is a very important function of a security system. Until this can happen I hope the classic app stay active.

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I too have many virtual devices. I am using the new ST App and loaded the Virtual Device Creator no problem using IDE… if I remember.

are you sure you didn’t install Virtual Device Creator through the Classic app in Marketplace > SmartApps > More?

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It was like 2-3 months ago :laughing: so you could be entirely correct. I thought of that just as I hit the Reply button. Either way I no longer have the Classic App on my phone.

As for Arlo cameras, I’m in the same boat. And it doesn’t seem that Samsung SmartThings support wants to do anything about it. Here’s a response from support. I was able to see the recording option available in the new SmartThings Connect app’s Automation for a day or two after I did the trick to remove and re-add Arlo as a connected service, but it disappeared and has not returned no matter how many times I remove and readd the Arlo connected service now. In recent months, both Samsung SmartThings and Arlo tech support have both been having issues with Arlo Pro 2 integration. Anyway, I see the recording option in the new SmartThings app Automation for both my SmartThings camera and my older Dlink IP cameras. Why Arlo isn’t included is just wrong.

We regret the inconvenience caused.

In regards to your query, I want to inform you that the recording option is not available for the Arlo camera because the Arlo camera might not support that feature with the SmartThings app or Arlo’s integration with SmartThings doesn’t allow that feature for that camera.

If the camera holds that ability then the option will definitely show in the SmartThings app like Dlink cameras and Samsung SmartThings camera.

However, if you want to confirm, you’ll need to remove and re-add Arlo’s integration with SmartThings and see if that feature appears or not. If you want to record option you need to try it from the Arlo native app. Also, Clips for Arlo cameras are only available to view in the Arlo App.

Feel free to contact us for further assistance. We’ll be more than happy to help you.

Samsung SmartThings Support

And another response.
Thank you for reaching out to Samsung SmartThings support.

I completely understand your concern that the recording feature is not implemented in the new SmartThings app automation. I have researched further on your concern and found that Arlo cameras can only be set up to record in the Smart Home Monitor. This option is not available for Arlo Camera through the custom automation.

Clips for Arlo camera are only available to view in the Arlo App. Smart Home Monitor will provide a link to the Arlo app for the clips.

Thanks for kind understanding and let me know if you have further queries regarding the SmartThings products or app. We are happy to assist you further.

Have a great day!

Best regards,
SmartThings Support

Arlo owns the integration now. Samsung is no longer involved. Blaming Samsung in this is going to get you nowhere. You’ll need to keep bugging Arlo to fix their integration.

Just an update: I tried from an Android Phone and it does work for the Dome Siren custom device handler. The program does not run on the iPhone correctly however. No matter- I set the sounds I wanted and switched to the generic Zwave Siren device handler and that is all I need (on and off !) I am completely moved over to new app- and I like it and it working fine for me. So much so, I added some more z wave switch devices so I can control lights from my Harmony remote in my home theater. Very happy with the UI as well.

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