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Things I like BETTER about the new app vs Classic

(Mike) #21

Breaks my heart seeing all that unused space on the cards, there is sooo much more they could do without looking crowded… just a comment not a moan as this is the happy thread :grin:

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #22

I’m just relieved that they are called “cards” and not “Tiles” :wink:.

But yup: ActionTiles does get feedback from some folks that want to use every bit of space on a Tile … like currently we optionally have a battery level icon and/or percentage; but we don’t offer a little temperature reading in the footer - yet!

(Mike) #23

Hey step away from the tiles comments… yes im a badly burned WP user and i still hurt

Thats just it Terry… options give us options

Anyway cmon we gota be happy in this thread

(Paul) #24

Your Thermostat card says “checking status”. What does it show when it has the status?

(Jimmy) #25

Nothing right now :upside_down_face: I’m using a custom handler and thermostat capabilities are one they don’t have working for custom handlers in the new app.


Were you just randomly migrated? What kind of notification did you get?

(Glen King) #27

If you have automations that unlock doors, stick with the old app. The new one apparently will not unlock doors.

(Jimmy) #28

All your existing automations still work, so not sure where you heard that. Maybe you’re confusing the whole app with the custom automation creator?

(Glen King) #29

It was discussed right on this forum. Multiple people mentioned it.

(Jimmy) #30

My experience is different. Lock automations still work fine.

(Glen King) #31

So you have automations that unlock a door, and they work after you’ve migrated out of the ‘classic’ environment and into the new app?

What automation? What lock?

I ask because I need presence sensors to unlock my front door. If it can do that, then I can possibly work around ny other issues.

(Jimmy) #32

My good morning routine unlocks my August Pro every morning.

(Glen King) #33

Ok, glad that works for you.

This is the discussion I was referencing:

So it’s not that automations won’t unlock doors obviously, based on what you’ve written… but automations involving mobile presence to unlock doors.

I guess that, to force the issue, you’d have to have an automation based on mobile presence trigger a separate automation to unlock the door.

(Jimmy) #34

It’s specifically the Custom Automation creator in the new app that currently doesn’t allow unlocking doors based on presence (or arming/disarming SHM). But that’s one smart app inside the new app, and its still being developed. You can still use webcore or other apps, or use Routines in the Classic app.

Interestingly, you CAN open your garage door based on presence with the Custom Automation creator.

(Robert Hudson) #35

I have 17 GE link bulbs that came over but can’t connect.


(Jimmy) #36

You’re either using a custom device handler or that device type isn’t supported in the new app.


The only thing not working for me in the new app is setting SMH via presence. But that is pretty much annoying other than a show stopper.

I have all my other 75 devices moved over with custom routines that work flawlessly. Especially the powerbot and tying it in to Google Home. I am probably 90% satisfied with the app save the presence thing which I’ll worry about once it’s fixed.

It’s great to tell Googl to “Sweep the house” and have it turn on the Powerbot and lights (complete with custom brightness levels) then have the lights turn off/adjust based on when the powerbot’s status changes.

(Paul Fitzpatrick) #38

can someone explain to me what is meant by SHM is separate in the new app? I have everything in the new app that i had in the old except for SHM, is it just missing for some people or is there something i should do to add it?

(Jimmy) #39

It’s two separate apps. Think of it as two separate apps named “SHM Classic” and “SHM New”. You can set up the new app version from the Automation tab.

(Paul Fitzpatrick) #40

Thanks but what if I don’t see it listed there? If it’s not live yet then it’s no issue to use the classic, I just want to make sure I’m not missing anything. I can’t see any option to enable it.