Anyone else in UK having issues today? AWAY notifications/actions when Disarmed

Hi all,

First of all today got a Motion Sensor active(Samsung) while in Away(Armed) for SHM actions happened. 10 mins later one door contact showed ‘Acceleration’. Wife came home disarmed with ‘I’m back’ routine but the app was giving us Door and Motion push notifications. 10 Mins later another motion notification followed by the DLink siren going off (that a routine that should NOT happen in Home or Night.

So anyone else having issues today? This is not good for WAF.

It seems some of us in the UK are having a few problems
This seems to be mostly around ‘modes;

Thanks for the response and link. I’ll tweet them later when I get a moment to sit down. Glad it’s not just our house.

Add me to the list. Last few days a whole bunch of routines seem to be ignoring modes and firing when they shouldn’t. They have previously worked for over 6 months with no issues and I’ve made no changes to anything.

Yeah we’re sitting here getting spammed by push notifications from around the home as the kids walk about.