Thermostat settings?

I have a CT100 thermostat. I have 2 boarders who are constantly changing the thermostat in my house from 75 to 68. I live in GA this makes my bill ridiculously high. I need suggestions on how to stop this. I’ve spoken with them and have asked is 75 uncomfortable? No we are okay. Then why do they keep making it lower. They dont pay the electric bill. They have a flat fee for rent that never changes. The fan is on constantly. I need something to where if it’s set lower than 72, my phone goes off. Is there anything made like this? At night I kick it down to 72.

I’d think CoRE could do this for you, AND if the temperature gets set to something below what you want it may be able to set it back after the boarders change it.

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If it was me, I would probably put the thermostat itself inside a physical lock box. Just tell them the thermostat automatically adjusts, and the sensors get confused if it is manually adjusted.

They make these boxes for a reason: :sunglasses:

Amazon carries a bunch of them, just make sure you order one that will fit your thermostat.

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I would use CoRE and have it set itself back to 75 if it’s adjusted below 75 along with a message, eventually they’ll get the clue that thier adjustments aren’t doing anything.


You can use core/webCoRE to do that. Or if you just want a specialized app that does just that, you can use this one…( I created to solve this very problem - there was a war between my wife and our oldest. He wanted much warmer, she wanted a lot colder. Neither one won in the end, as my thermosts reset to my desired temperature regardless of their manual overrides)


I have no idea what to do with that coding. Do i copy and paste it somewhere? My computer programming skills from my college courses arevery limited. :joy::joy::joy:

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I know @JDRoberts has a FAQ on how to install a custom app. But yes, is just a copy/paste and a bunch of click ‘done’ …

Essentially, you need to find your way into IDE and navigate to Smartapps to copy and past the custom code. Then you go back to your mobile app and go through the app settings…

Unless this is broken down step by step. I honestly wont be able to do anything. Can someone link a forum that breaks it down?

Yup, check this out:


Thank you!!!


Come back here after you try your hand at installing a custom app. We will help you get through, if you get stuck…

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Another FAQ :wink:

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Okay. So Ive published it. However under smartthings marketplace nothing is showing up for my apps. I logged out and logged back in and still nothing

Is it possible you are logged into the wrong shard. Check to see if you can see your hubs and devices.

Youre right. So how do I get these things to show up on my developer account. Nothing is there and it says use the smart things app but they are listed there in the app…

Ok, now go back to ide, then go back to the code and click publish for me.

Then go to my apps on mobile app

See where it says ‘status’ that should say published then under add a smart app, my apps, you should see this…(zwave thermostat manager)

I had to mess with oauth to get it to publish. Still not showing up on my smart things marketplace

You clicked

add a smart app then
(under + more) you clicked + My App

and is nothing there?