Limit temperature changes to a fixed range? (Override manual override!)


I am in search for a SmartApp that helps me deal with my wife lol. When im not home she keeps bumping up the thermostat to crazy numbers. I am trying to have it set the thermostat every 10 or 15 min back to my set temps when my presence is not there yet the mode is “home” and not “away”.

Is there anything out there like this? Anyone i can commision to Groovy something together?

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What thermostat

Go Control -

If that were as easy as developing a piece of software I’d already be a billionaire several times over.


You can create a piston in CoRE that will send you a notification and set they thermostat back to what you want then follow up x number of minutes later to make sure she didn’t change it

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What you really need is to disconnect that thermostat from the furnace and get a second thermostat that’s hidden away somewhere that’s controlled by the air temperature reading of the visible thermostat. That way she can change the settings all she wants and it won’t have any impact on the system.


I will look into this. Im new to all this so have to learn what CoRE is and how to use it. Thank you for this!

No problem, there is lots of help available in CoRE peer forum too. Once installed just a basic if then piston will work and is relatively simple to setup.

Here you go: this is a clickable link. :sunglasses:


Wow this really was amazing, Took about 10 min to integrate CoRE into my smartthings and about another 10 to setup the piston i needed. It works perfectly!!!

Thank you all to helping me with this, you all are amazing!.

I’m sure if my wife found out though she would not be so appreciative bahaha.


Just tell her the thermostat is haunted and it’s the ghost of Ebenezer “Go Control” Scrooge that keeps resetting the temperature. To make it more convincing, nail several cloves of garlic around the thermostat to keep him away … or is that for only vampires? LOL


Just in case, be sure to include a counter so that after a certain number of times overriding her wishes you can invoke a piston that performs an internet search for a good family law attorney.


@epodox you can do better than putting stress on your system. You can permanently monitor the t-stat temperature you want to achieve and have it automatically adjust itself when the temp rises or drops. That’s how I “cured” my teenager from the habit of freezing my baby’s room in the summer…

PS CoRE can do that too, but requires a more in depth knowledge of building Pistons…


Very nice, I hadn’t taken a look at new version yet… looks great!

My Honeywell gives full control with min and max lockouts, avg temps, notifications, etc, since installing that I haven’t used anything other than just basic routine here and there

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What t-stat do you have? The min and max thresholds won’t allow you to manage your t-stat within 1 degree so that if it drops to say 68 to switch automatically to heat and set a new heating set point but if it goes above max to switch to AC and set a new cooling set point. I looked at the smart t-stats and none came close to that…

RTH9590WF configuration version 5.2

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That depends on how you define “close”. The Ecobee3 allows you to set your min/max thresholds to within 2 degrees F of one another.

But is it able to switch to heat if it goes below min…and moreover bump up the set point by 1 or 2 degrees if it does reach the min (that’s the habit breaker) :slight_smile: ?

I might not be understanding what you mean by, “if it goes below min”. If what goes below min?

Room temperature, current temperature the variable for which you define a min and a max :smile: