Set Limit on Thermostat for Vacation Rental Property

Hello - I’m looking for the ability to set temp limits on a Smartthings connected thermostat for a vacation rental. I’ve googled and searched here for solutions but am not finding the answer to my question…

Does anyone know of a particular brand/model of Smartthings compatible thermostat which will allow me to set the thermostat so that it won’t go below a certain temp?

Thanks in advance.

Venstar ColorTouch. Plus you can monitor settings AND runtimes from the net.

You could Rule Machine app to set limits on the thermostat so if it is manually switched below or above the preset threshold it will reset to the program default.

I use a similar app to prevent me from accidentally setting the temperatures too high/too low using the slider or button press in the SmartThings phone app.

The question isn’t entirely clear, or at least to me its not! Are you looking to ensure the temperature doesn’t fall below a certain point? (e.g. worried pipes freezing, so you would like to ensure home temp never falls below say 40-45 degrees). Or are you worried about guest changing the AC to too cold a temperature, say 55 degrees, running up your electric bill?

With either case I would recommend Ecobee thermostat. You can set a low temperature threshold ensuring temperature does not fall below that limit. Also you can set a minimum temperature AC can be set to, for example 70 degrees, to ensure they cannot drive up your electric bill. Once either of these settings are set-up you can then lockout the thermostat with a password to ensure guest do not change the parameters you established. Pretty sure Nest Thermostats have similar features (I used to have one a few years ago but forget at this point).

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Appreciate the replies. Jotto…I’m looking to make sure a guest doesn’t crank the AC down too low and crank up the electric bill. The home is in south texas and cooling costs can get pretty high during the summer. Sounds like the Ecobee does exactly what I need.


i want to do the exact same thing as the other person but with a Honeywell zwave thermostat. I know the temperature can be read from the device, i know the temperature can be set on the device - with those two functions available can someone please consider creating a smartapp that sets heating and cooling boundaries? if temp is below/above boundary, reset to boundary - it’s that simple. The rule machine software referenced is discontinued for some reason.
FYI it is possible to set the temperature range in the device itself - but i would prefer this to be configurable by the smart app in case the customer complains so it can be overridden without having to go to the house to make the change.

Nest’s have lock temps to restrict the range of operation.

understood, but that is not the model i have.

You can create a CoRE piston that will do this…

awesome - never heard of core piston - please advise how to find details - thanks!

CoRE stands for Community’s own Rule Engine. It’s a community-developed smart app that gives a TON of flexibility in setting up rules. The sky’s esse totally the limit.

There’s quite a few threads on CoRE if you search, here’s the info on the latest release…