Thermostat app

Is there an app that changes the thermostat modes from heat to cool based on temps?

I’m trying to make my place heat at 65 and cool if it reaches 70. It seems I have to manually change from heat to cool and then it goes to those set points.

I’m using a Honeywell 9000 if it helps.

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What device handler are you using? Did you configure the heat and cool setpoint and set the thermostat to Automatic mode?

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Device handler? Sorry I’m rather new to this.

Also there was no option for automatic mode that I’m aware of.

I’m doing this sort of thing with a pair of WebCoRE Pistons:

I have two separate pistons one that changes the thermostat mode based on the outside temperature:

I have a second piston that change the thermostat mode if the actual thermostat measured temperature is much higher or lower then the set-point and the mode of the thermostat is in the wrong setting to get to my desired setpoint.

If you want more details about WebCoRE then you can find more info on the webcore forum:

It also has it’s own WIki:

Edited to add: My thermostat set point is adjusted depending on the time of day based on location mode and using the NST Manager (specific to Nest thermostat) however the set-point of thermostat could be managed by another app or with WebCoRE as well (it really is very powerful.)



I’ll be honest, that sounds very complicated. I just need a simple app, that turns my ac on when it gets hot, and heat on when it’s cold. Thank you though.

webCoRE, at first, might seem overwhelming. I’ll admit that. However, once you get it installed and read a little on how it works, it would be rather simple to build that rule.

Install webCoRE and its Child Apps.
Install Weather Station.

If outside temp raise above X amount Degrees
Then Using Therm
Set to Cool

If outside temp drops below X amount Degrees
Then Using Therm
Set to Heat

That’s it!

This way, just because your inside temp rises or drops below your desired set point, the Therm will not change modes unless the outside temp drops. Or you can set it up however you like.

If you are new to ST, then the best thing you can do for yourself is install webCoRE! It is the rule engine of rule engines that should be stock when purchasing ST. It eliminates the need for all of the little tiny apps that try to do this and that. Once you get a handle on it, whatever you think of, you can build it yourself with webCoRE!

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Don’t have that thermostat, but select “Auto Changeover” on the “Heating and Cooling System Changeover” screen, under “Advanced Preferences.”

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Where is this I’m still very new to smart things, I don’t see heating and cooling page at all. I get a thermostat image one my ST page.

This is the only page I get to change heating and cooling options at all.

Excellent, so a device handler is the software installed in SmartThings that allows your hub/ST to communicate with your thermostat. It also determines what features are available to use and that display on your mobile app that you’re seeing.

I see in your screenshot that you have a heat AND cool settings, which is great because that allows you to set limits on the minimum and maximum temperature (your temperature zone).

Now at the bottom you see “cool”, that’s the mode your thermostat is in. Tap that until it changes to Auto. In this mode the thermostat will automatically switch between heat and cool to maintain the temperature zone you defined above.

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It only offers heat cool and off… sigh.

Hmm, try to find out which device handler you’re using. You may need a new device handler because according to the specs it does support auto change over.

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I just added the thermostat in the app and that’s what came with it. Is there a way to get a new handler app?

You might have to check the manual for the thermostat and enable automatic mode. Mine came default to not allowing automatic mode. See page 9 here:

Advanced options, 3rd item in table. Select Automatic Changeover.


Sorry, guess I wasn’t clear, LOL … I meant the screens on your physical thermostat … as mentioned by @tweason

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Sorry I’m very new to the system lol I appreciate you guys being patient and helping.

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Thanks everyone that solved my issue thanks for taking the time to help.


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