Ecobee Help for Newbie Needed

I am a newbie here, and will need things explained in clear English, with as few acronyms as possible.

I figured out how to copy code given by others in order to create an app. I am not able to code from scratch or fully understand the code, basically I know enough to be dangerous but not competent.

That being said - I am in need of an app that will change the temperature settings on my ecobee if the temperature drops below a certain level when people are home.

I know you are thinking, that is what an eco bee does. But let me explain: The power company has access to my parent’s ecobee because of some rebate deal they signed up for. To “save power” they have programs that change the temperature. The problem is my mom is not good at adjusting the ecobee herself. So what I want to do is create find a smart things program that allows me to do the following:

Set the temperature to 71-76 if the temperature drops to 70 AND my parent’s cell phones are present.

The closest I found was an app that will alert me when the temperature drops below a specified temp. But that sends me a text which I may or may not see immediately, and still requires me to go back into the ecobee app and click the little x to resume the normal schedule.

I would like the app, instead of notifying me when it’s too cold, to adjust my thermostat for me when it’s too cold BUT only to do this if someone is home.

Any ideas/suggestions what I need to do? Is there an app that does this already?

I don’t know if an app will meet that criteria, but webCore will certainly do that.

The webCore language is pretty straightforward, plus there is a forum (not the one here) that has plenty of users that will help.

Basically, you would code a “piston” (webCore-speak for a thing that does stuff) along the lines of the following:

myecobee’s thermostatsetpoint drops below x degrees
any of the presence sensors are present
with myecobee thermostat
setheatingpoint to x degrees