Thermostat problems (multiple brands) Nov 2022

I currently have
Can I add the Ct100 thermostat to my alarm panel and be able to use it with or for it to work I need pay alarm provider?

Is this the way it is supose to look as far as face goes or this this outdated?

Any luck with your Centralite thermostat? I have the Edge driver version from 2-14 and it still doesn’t work properly.

Yeah, I’m on the 2-14 ZigBee thermostat edge driver too and checked to see if any of my heating temperature changes worked today, and I see one temperature change out of an expected 3 and it’s to a temperature that I don’t even have programmed in any routines (60 degrees) at a time that I wouldn’t have programmed a temperature change. I wonder if I had some smart lighting rule that doesn’t show up in the routines list?

Thankfully my house seems to be needing less heating lately, so it hasn’t gotten to the point where I feel the need to modify all routines to turn heating on and off instead of using a lower and higher set point.

Yeah, it’s frustrating. It worked perfectly for me prior to the Edge update. Now, it’s hit or miss (mostly miss) whether adjusting the temperature via any of these methods will work:

  • automation
  • Alexa command
  • manually through the app
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