Problems with Zigbee motion sensor mc driver

Hi Mariano:
Issue: Pairing Lidl Motion Sensor after it was removed in the Smartthings Android APP
I am having issues pairing one of my Lidl Motion Sensors via the app after it was removed. All my other Lidl sensors work fine.

LIDL Motion Sensor, manufacturer: _TZ1800_fcdjzz3s
Model: TY0202
Driver: Zigbee Motion Sensor MC

Adding a complete brand new Motion sensor from the same Brand/Model works fine.
Thanks for your help.

The most likely issue is that even though they look the same model, they have a different fingerprint.

Is this fingerprint from device that you are trying to pair?

Hello TapioX
Several months ago, I was able to pair this device with the Zigbee Motion Sensor MC driver.
A little later I removed it from the app, and now I cannot pair it.
Thanks, L

Hi @lucien

If you are sure that the fingerprints are the ones you published it should pair correctly.

Try pairing it with zigbee thing Mc to see the fingerprints

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Otherwise, the requests thread becomes unusable. :disappointed_relieved:

Thank you.

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