Thermostat differences: CT100, CT100+, CT101, GoControl

What are the actual differences between these very similar devices (besides physical styling)? Tried searching here and radio thermostat site.

CT100 $60

CT100 plus $95

CT101 $45

GoControl $80

I’ve seen some debate on if CT101 has humidity sensor, which I want.


The CT101 is a programmable thermostat even if you don’t set it up with zwave, while the CT 100 is not.

In addition, the CT101 is a newer model and has a number of EPA approved updated features. For example, you can set the “swing” delta, which is the degree of variance between the room temperature and the set point before the unit comes on. It also has features for managing multistage units.

So basically the CT101 is a newer, more advanced model than the CT 100, and met some specific EPA guidelines which made it more attractive to some installers even if they weren’t going to use it with Z wave.

The CT101 does have an internal humidity sensor.

GoControl is a different company, so you’re just looking at a completely different model with its own features. However, I don’t believe it reports humidity.

Also, the reason why the CT 100 often has a higher price these days is because it’s basically a discontinued model and you’re getting it from third-party sellers who have bumped up the price. The high-volume sellers will likely be carrying the CT 101 instead.

Thank you sir!

I also just noticed they have new model …
CT100 plus $95

It has new zwave plus 500 chipset and better c-wire input range (12-40 VAC vs 12-25 VAC for CT100/CT101). Also says 7 day programmable.

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Interesting! @thesmartesthouse may be able to say more about the new model since they are carrying it. :sunglasses:

So the CT100 AND CT101 are both discontinued and are being replaced by the CT100 Plus which combines the features of CT100 and CT101. The only difference between the two was that the CT101 was programmable from the thermostat as well but only if NOT included to any Z-Wave network (so you could still program it if you don’t have a hub yet, or don’t have one anymore). The CT100 Plus can do just that so it’s important to remember that the manual programming will not work as a back-up to your Z-Wave hub if it goes offline or stops responding since the thermostat will still be part of a Z-Wave network. Manual programming is only for separate use outside of a smart home system and cannot overwrite Z-Wave programming once it’s in place.

Other than the above, the CT100 Plus has the newer chip and an updated design which we quite like :slight_smile:

And it’s available here:


Thank you for the update!

I’m about to install a Radio Thermostat CT101; is there a specific device handler for it or does ST have one that will work?

I decided on this one largely because of the price. A Lowes near Nashville had them for $59 on closeout but that same night (this week) I found it on Amazon for $45.

Radio Thermostat CT101

I’ve had the CT101 from Lowe’s for almost 2 years, and have used both the standard ST handler and rboy’s handler. Both work fine, rboy’s definitely has more features and a better interface in the app.

However, I’ve had nothing but problems with changing the thermostat modes either from the device in the ST app itself, or from smart apps like GreenThermostat or WebCoRE… Seems like once I turn the thermostat off from within ST (device or app), I can’t get it to respond to commands until I physically go over and cycle through the modes again. It’s really quite frustrating when I am trying to manage the thermostat based on doors/windows being left open.

So, basically, if it’s nice out and someone opens the window(s) at home, the thermostat will switch to Off mode, but when everything is closed up again, I cannot reliably get it to change back to the prior mode (either Heat or Cool)

@TheSmartestHouse I’m wondering if the CT100 Plus would have the same issues, and, if not, would it roughly fit in the footprint of my CT101? If I could swap it out to get it functioning rock solid reliably, I would replace it in a heartbeat…

Have you checked with @RBoy to make sure it was not a handler issue? Have they tested the same rule with a different unit/model and confirmed it worked? Since we’re not sure if it was an actual firmware bug, it’s hard to say if the new model would fix the issue. If you’re willing to test it and try, you can purchase the CT100 Plus and return it if it acts the same way:


I did try going back and forth several times with the original ST handler and rboy, still seemed to show the same issues, been mentioned that it is probably a bug in ST with the firmware or something.

I would like to try the ct100+ and see if it has the same issue or not

That is accurate. Some of the older thermostats have an issue where if the thermostat is switched off then you need to manually switch it back on using the physical button. We have one such sample in our lab and have been studying it for a while. I personally I think it’s a just a defective piece as none of the others exhibit this problem and they are all on the same firmware version.

Many folks have emailed us and requested to support turning “off” the thermostat in our apps and this is one reason why we don’t (there are others but for another thread).

Unfortunately the only permanent solution is to replace the thermostat.

However this is what we suggest to all users. Instead of turning the thermostat “off” set the cool set point to 90 and heat set point to 50. This effectively turns “off” the thermostat without actually setting it to off and avoids your issue. It has other advantages also.

@TheSmartestHouse if you have a sample of the newer version do send it to us and we can test it out

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No problem, we’ll send a sample out so this way you can verify if it displays the same issue or not


@RBoy @TheSmartestHouse do you know if the ct100+ has changed the reporting interval of the various thermostat status? (e.g. the fan state running, heat / cool actively running) I know the ct101 that i have seems to only update those states every 15-30 minutes or so, making it kind of useless to drive events based on those statuses.

The thermostat itself doesn’t report states AFAIK, what you’re seeing in the polling from ST, likely (every 15 to 30 minutes). @TheSmartestHouse has shipped us a sample to analyze (thanks), we’ll test it out and get back.

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I just tried changing modes on my CT101 (I was out of town and didn’t want to risk it not behaving). I can cycle it from cool to off to auto to heat. I can’t go directly from off to cool for example - I need to cycle through to get to the mode I want. I can change the mode manually at the thermostat and it’s reflected in the app but it appears that in the app it continues at the point in the cycle where it left off. I can do more experimenting if that would be helpful.

@RBoy have you had a chance to test out the ct100+ yet?

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Hey sorry, we’ve been backlogged. We’ve started testing it and it’s looking good so far. Will wrap it up and present the results by next week.


CT100 Plus (Z-Wave Plus) vs the CT 101 (Z-Wave)

Okay an update on this, we’ve been testing the CT00 Plus for the past few weeks.

Things we’ve tested with the CT100 Plus (using the Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Thermostat device handler):

  1. Pairing and exclusion with v2 hub - passed. (NOTE: this device is about 400+ ft from the hub and has a few Z-Wave repeaters in between and it works great)
  2. Response to ST configuration commands - passed (minor documentation bug in the manual but no impact on operation)
  3. Response to ST commands, turn Fan On/Off, switch modes between Heat, Cool and Auto, Temp up/down - passed (NOTE: We found that the CT100 Plus is MUCH faster to respond to commands than the CT101, infact we could send it 2-3 temperature change commands per second compare to 1 for the CT101)
  4. Update from Thermostat local changes, tested change in modes, changes to fan states, changes to temperature settings - passed (NOTE: Once again we noticed that the response was faster with the CT-100 Plus)
  5. Run time updates - This is an area where some of the older CT-XX thermostats had issues. With the CT100 Plus when the fan mode in Auto would change or the A/C mode would turn on/off (running to idle or vice versa) it would update the ST hub immediately. This is a significant improvement over the CT-XX/CT101.

Overall the performance of the CT-100 Plus is significantly better than the CT-101, it’s more responsive and appears to have fixed some of the issues with the older thermostats.

When there is a switch over safety cool down period for the compressor, it displays it more prominently on the screen (the old model just had a small tiny timer which left you wondering what it was).

Having said all that, there is a cosmetic difference in the design, I’m posting pictures here for your reference. It has a larger form factor (about 10%). The Menu and Mode button are now touchscreen, you need to click on the touch screen to change the mode (it appears on the top left where the time clock used to be). If you’re using ST you probably won’t use this much but good to know. There is a slight change in the display, you’ll notice that the time is no longer displayed by default with CT100+ on the top left corner. There is now a setting that when changed on the thermostat now allows you to see now just the time and humidity like the original thermostat but also additional details like day of week and time of day (see screenshots below).

Great addition to your collection @TheSmartestHouse

CT-100 Plus

CT-100 Plus with additional sensors displayed



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Hi @RBoy, thanks for the testing and update! How is the mounting / wiring compared to the CT101? My wall is slowly turning to swiss cheese around the thermostat mounting point, as each time it’s changed, more holes go in the wall (Changed from original thermostat -> programmable thermostat -> CT101 -> CT100+?).

If the CT100+ is as reliable as it appears to be, I’m definitely interested in changing over to it!

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