Nest vs Ecobee 3 vs Z-Wave Thermostat

I am currently building my system and would like to get some thermostats. I think I like the Ecobee 3 the best because it looks good and had a touchscreen. It is also very expensive :frowning:. How is the Ecobee 3 compared to the new Nest? Also, would a cheaper Z-Wave thermostat be worth looking at? I am also wondering what the savings are with these thermostats. Do you have a noticeably lower bill? Thanks

the CT100 works well with ST and is programmable if ST is down. you can get them cheam on Amazon


That’s actually the one I was considering!

I have the CT30 (older version) it works well for my use I jsut wish it had Auto mode like the CT100 but I worked around it with a couple rules in rule machine. CT30 is cheaper about $40 on amazon

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Is that one touch screen like the newer one?

I was also looking at this one.

I can’t get my CT30 to react to Z-Wave commands; perhaps I have a defective USNAP module or thermostat :cry:

Yes is touch screen

What handler are you using for your ct

I have a ct100 and a nest (2 zone house). Nest is overkill and works best if you turn off all the learning features, the ct100 is good, batteries last about 9 months if you lack the “power” wire.

The Honeywell you linked is exactly what I was using. It is VERY unreliable with SmartThings. I just switched to an Ecobee 3 and so far so good the past few days. I love everything the Ecobee offers over the Nest (The Nest being what I install for clients all the time).

The Nest wins when it comes to compatibility of HVAC systems. I have installed it on 2-wire radiant heat systems without a common. Not a single other smart thermostat on the market can do that.

Thanks for telling me that that the Honeywell doesn’t work good with Smartthings! That one is eliminated. I happen to have the C wire, so it will work with Ecobee (I also used their compatibility checker). It’s probably too early to see how much you are saving, but do you think the Ecobee is worth it?

I doubt I will save much of anything over my prior Zwave setup. It still turns the heat way down when I drive away, turns it back up when I am heading home, turns it down at night, and up in the morning.

The few things I really like are the history graphing abilities, and the remote temp sensors.

It is very nice to see what temp my house was and how often my furnace ran vs the outdoor temperature on every single day of the year.

As for the remote temp sensors. If it detects motion in the room that I am in, and it happens to be one of the colder rooms in the house, it’ll adjust my thermostat up a few degrees to make where I am staying more comfortable.

Those two things made me choose it over the Nest for my own home even though I was way more comfortable with the Nest from installing so many.

Edit: One other thing, both the Nest and the Ecobee can control the humidifier. The Ecobee has the added bonus of showing the humidity on remote temp sensors as well.

Thanks! :smile: One more question… I have a PWS (personal weather station) connected to Weather Underground. Would the Ecobee be able to use that or it uses another weather source?

I have no idea if you can use your weather station. Ecobee has their own weather source with information based on your address. It seems accurate for my area, but according to the reviews, some people have wildly inaccurate weather info.

Ok! Thanks for answering all my questions!!! :grin:

Need to get away from the idea of having things talk to your tstat if your integrating the whole house. So tstat talks to ST and the other devices talk to st. With that in mind use rule machine to make the tstat do what you want from whatever source you want. Treat your thermostat more as a connected dumb device.

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I have two Ecobee 3’s and a total of 6 remote room sensors. This allows me to keep our large house heated where and when I need it (the motion sensors know when an area is being used and heats the home up in order to keep that area of the house perfectly heated. The Ecobee also interfaces with our whole house humidifier and keeps the house at the right humidity for any change in temperature (no more wet windows).

Both Ecobee’s have performed flawlessly in our home for 18 months. I use @yvesracine Ecobee SmartApp to monitor the total system including the motion reports from all the remote sensors to/in SmartThings.

The Ecobee iOS app is very nice and provides very nice usage reports for the area that I live in compared with other Ecobee users. I can access all functions of the Ecobee from anywhere.

The Ecobee API interface is well documented and easy to navigate if you are a programmer. I have created customized automation routines that are triggered from a RaspberryPi server that also reads our family Google calendar for handling vacation setbacks and other home and away commands.

For the money, you cannot beat the Ecobee system for looks, performance, customization, functionality, integration with HA and reliability.

I use two of these and settled on then after going through two others… The other one was either the ct30 out ct100… The 75.00 one in the link above.


These are fully programmable via ST. They are also fully programmable at the device, for when ST is not working…

They have auto mode, as well as circulate mode for the fan.

They look good, pair very easily, and act as a repeating node, which you can turn on and if in the settings.

I highly recommend them.

What problems were you having? Both of mine have been great. I’m just curious.

My son is using this Honeywell with ST and has had very good luck. No problems so far. I am looking at purchasing the same combo myself. Minutes away from the notorious One Click button.

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