CT1xx replacement thermostat?

So I think my ct100 has had it. When I switched over to cool mode everything went fine for a min. It turned on the a/c when it was suppose to but didn’t turn it off. The display and SmartThings both showed the system as idle but the a/c was still on. I had to turn the mode to OFF to get the a/c to shut off. After the second time it did this and I woke up to the house at 55 I have shut it off. It hasn’t done cooling right yet this season. It looks like the CT1xx series has been discontinued. Is there any other new thermostat available that is similar? I don’t want a WiFi thermostat that connects thru 3rd party app. All my HVAC needs are done through SmartThings. It looks like the new CTxx thermostats are WiFi not zwave. The main thing I want is to be able to change the swing. It would be nice if it updated its status better then the ct100 did that way I don’t have to run pollster app every minute so ST knows what’s going on with it. Humidity sensor in it would be nice but not necessarily I can always just use the humidity sensor from a room for the HVAC humidifier and HVAC dehumidifier.

The CT 100 is discontinued but the CT 101 is still available. In fact, the smartest house has an overstock sale on The iris version right now right now. It should work fine with smartthings.



Wow missed that. Thought they said sold out on all of them. They must be one of the last ones that have any. Everyone else is sold out for all the models or I found one place that was extremely high for it. Do you know if this model sends updates to ST better then the ct100 did so I don’t have to run pollster app.

It works just fine out of the box on both the classic and new apps. We also have the all-white version of the same model (same functionality, just different color scheme and price :wink: ):

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