For Sale - CT-101

(SStozki) #1

I have a CT-101 Thermostat for sale, works well with ST. Pairs quickly and can be controlled from APP

Message me with questions or if you are interested.


(Jeff DeWolfe) #2

Does the CT-101 display humidity? I currently have a CT-50. Also, does this have both Wi-Fi and Z-Wave modules?


(SStozki) #3

This does not have WiFi, only Z-Wave. You are able to see the humidity on the Things tab in ST, I don’t believe that the device has the humidity displayed.

(SStozki) #4

Lowes Product

(Different Computers) #5

What brand of system were you using it with? My HVAC is apparently proprietary, which makes me very very very sad.

(Andrew Urman) #6

@differentcomputers grr why would someone make a proprietary HVAC :frowning:

(Minollo) #7

Does it really show humidity in ST? Which device type are you using? I have CT-100’s, and I didn’t find any way to extract RH through z-wave.
The device does show RH on the display (just touch the top-left area where the clock is displayed by default).