RADIO THERMOSTAT CT101 $29.75 +shipping

The Smartest House has the CT101 on sale for about $37 shipped.

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Why didn’t you go ahead and post all the Smartest House Memorial Day items? :slight_smile:

Sale ends May 29


I bought this at the sale price, so far so good! It’s standard Z-Wave and not Z-Wave Plus, it doesn’t require a C Wire, though it is recommended if you want it to act as a repeater and not burn through batteries.

I agree. I got in on the sale and am very happy with it. The Rboy DH is working great.

I have only one very strange issue, and I’m not even sure where the problem is. If I tell my Google Assistant to set a temperature, she replies with the right instruction but then the thermostat is set to some seemingly random, higher temperature.

Mine was doing samething if I leave it in heat and cool (auto). It works perfect if I just leave it in one mode or other not auto. With assistant.

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