Thermometer Wi-Fi and no hub required USA

Any suggestions for a Wi-Fi Thermometer that does not require a hub? I bought a Smart Life one and linked my Smartthings account with my Smart Life account like it says but still can’t get it to show up in my Smartthings app. I don’t have any hub system and just need to monitor temperature at a remote location with Wi-Fi access only at the remote location.

Google Nest and Ecobee are two options for you to consider.

If you tap on Add Device and select By Device Type and select Thermostats… you will see a list of supported Thermostats. Then research which brand is wifi and suits your needs.

Thanks JKP, but I only need to monitor temp, so I don’t need a thermostat, just a thermometer. I tried that and bought the Smart Life one since it says you can link accounts and then use the Smartthings app, but no such luck so far. A lot need a hub, which I don’t want to get. Hoping someone has already found one that will work and would recommend.

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You didn’t say what country you are in. Device selection does vary by region. :thinking:

Reporting Frequency

Also, be aware that in many cases, if a WiFi device is battery powered updates will be much less frequent because they don’t want to use up battery life. Some have the option of either using a battery or plugging in with a USB cord, in which case they will report much more frequently when they are using Mains power. Since you didn’t give us any details about your use case, it’s hard to make any further recommendations on that basis, but just be aware that it is a factor.

Candidate Devices that don’t require a SmartThings/Aeotec Hub

There are a couple of temperature sensor options that will work with smartthings without needing a ST/Aeotec hub. I’m Only going to list The ones that are available in multiple regions for now.

  1. SwitchBot has one that has become pretty popular, but you need to get the newer generation in order to get frequent temperature updates. It will work with the standard cloud to cloud integration, no custom code required. For some reason, the original updated only two or three times a day through the smartthings integration. But the new one will update every five or 10 minutes. So make sure it’s the “plus“ model.

This one is Bluetooth to its own mini hub, and then Wi-Fi from there. So you do also need to get their minihub. But the two pieces together are often less expensive than any of the other single device options, so again, it’s quite popular.

Both often go on sale, so check for coupon boxes on the product page.


  1. another option available in multiple regions which does not require any hub at all is the Shelly humidity and temperature sensor. Again, there’s an older model, this time without a display screen, and a newer model called the “plus“ that does have a display screen. I would recommend getting the plus because it has a plug-in option and reports much more frequently, but contact Shelly support and make sure that it does work out of the box with their smartthings integration.


  1. if you can wait a few months until the new matter standard is more widely deployed, there may be more options to choose from. But they aren’t here yet.

If you can tell us more about your use case, we might be able to make more specific recommendations, but that will give you something to start with. :sunglasses: