WiFi Thermometer Hygrometer

Hello… I am new to this. I am looking for a device that can monitor the temperature of my crawlspace. hello I’m also a smart thing user and would like it to integrate. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Welcome! :sunglasses:

We need to ask a few questions first, because the device selection can vary depending on your setup.

  1. what country are you in?

  2. you have a SmartThings hub, and if so, which model? Or are you operating in a “hub optional” configuration without a hub?

  3. what material is the floor above the crawl space made of? Cement, wood, composite materials, or ? And are there water pipes in or adjacent to that floor? For these questions, we are looking for architectural features that might block radio signal. One quick test: if you are in the crawlspace near where you want to put the sensor, do you still have a WiFi connection on your phone?

  4. how cold does the area get? Or to put it another way, what temperature range do you need to measure?

  5. how frequently do you need updated information? I ask because while most devices of this type will take a new reading every 15 minutes, some integrations only update every 4 hours, and a few even longer than that. Sometimes this is part of a design to save battery life, sometimes it seems to be about cloud traffic, but in any case it’s one of the areas where details matter.

  6. do you need an integration that reports exact readings, or just one that can alert you if you go above or below a certain range?

  7. most people are looking for a battery powered device for this purpose, but if there is mains power available in the crawlspace, let us know.

  8. if you do have a SmartThings hub, your topic title specified WiFi. Do you know you need WiFi, or would you consider a device of another protocol like zigbee?

It is likely that there will be a device that will work for you, but the details do matter.

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