Wifi Temperature Sensor

Is there a Wi-Fi sensor/device I can use to get the temperature into SmartThings? My detached garage is too far away from my Aeotec hub to use ZigBee or Zwave. I have Wi-Fi smartplugs that work great that I would like to control based on temperature.

Plug in or battery? Also, what country are you in? The device selection does vary.

Shelly is the only WiFi brand i’d recommend for a battery operated. They have been working hard on improving battery life with the newest Wi-Fi technologies. But even so, if you use it on battery, it will only update every hour or so.

If you need more frequent updates, you can also run it on USB power.

This is the model I like:


Check with them to make sure that that model is included in the official cloud to cloud integration.

There might be a couple of other options for plug-ins.

If you want something to wire inline, Sonoff is popular, but I don’t know exactly how the integration works these days. Somebody else will have to chime in on that.

I’m in the US. I’ll take a look at the Shelly.

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I am in the same situation and also in North America (Canada). In my case I do not need a battery operated temperature sensor, and ideally just a standard WiFi Smart Plug (I use have some Globe, Tekin) units but that also support temperature and allowing the plug to be turned on or off based on temp. In my case I simply want it for freeze protection for my insulated garage, which is generally 8-10C during the winter but can get closer to freezing during a long cold snap.

Does a WiFi plug like this exist, or would I need to use a separate temperature sensor (such as the Shelly unit described above) and use logic in SmartThings to turn on/off an existing SmartPlug based on temp settings?

Thank you in advance.

There are some plug-in Wi-Fi thermostats that are essentially just a smart plug with a built-in temperature sensor that work pretty well. But I don’t know of any that currently integrate with smartthings. You may need to wait until more companies put out matter-compatible devices. :thinking:

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For now I settled on Meross temperature and humidity sensor with Meross plug. The plug works with Smartthings, the temp sensor does not. I have to use the Meross app to control the temperature.


My Switchbot temperature sensor works with SmartThings, I’m just not sure how often the information updates.


Which temperature sensor do you have that pairs with Smartthings? Is it usb or battery powered?

Mine is the MS100. It pairs with the Meross Hub.

Doug McCurry

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Thank you Doug & JDRoberts for the responses

Similarly, I would be interested in the model of Meross temp sensor that integrates with SmartThings ideally, and that does NOT require the Meross hub. Even if it has it’s own app that does not integrate with SmartThings, that is not the end of the world, as long as there is the ability to monitor/change settings etc remotely, similar to SmartThings.

I am assuming that the desire for an all-in-one Smart WiFi plug with temperature sensing is ahead of what is available and that I will need a two part solution (WiFi Smart Plug + separate WiFi temp sensor) that with an app like SmartThings could work together to achieve what I need – is this the correct understanding?


My bad, that sensor isn’t Meross, it’s Switchbot. Connected to the Switchbot mini hub.

Sorry For any confusion.

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As far as I know, yes.

So, I have been looking at the MS100H combo including the hub, but I do not believe it integrates with SmartThings, and I also assume then, I would need a SmartPlug from Meross - the ones I have today are from Globe Electric (https://globe-electric.com/en/electrical) and “DO” integrate with SmartThings.

I will look at the Switchbot sensor/hub you mentioned, as if it integrates with SmartThings, then that should mean I can add this, and not need to configure a new app, plus I can leverage my existing Smartplugs I assume.

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Yes, that combo is what I bought. You are correct it does not integrate into Smartthings. You have to use the Meross app. In my case I already had 10 or 15 Meross plugs (which do integrate into Smartthings). I’m using the Meross app to do my temp control and Smartthings to control the remaining plugs which are lights.

The Meross app leaves a lot to be desired but I’m able to cycle a torpedo heater on and off all day to keep my shop at a working temperature.


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Ok, given the integration with SmartThings and therefore the ability to use my existing Globe Smart Plugs already setup in SmartThings, I am planning to go with the “SwitchBot Hub Mini” and the “SwitchBot Meter”. Sounds like the same setup you have. I will check tomorrow before ordering just to confirm that yes, I should be able to turn on/off one of my existing SmartPlugs based on temp readings from this, and all from SmartThings. Note, there is also a “SmartBot Meter Plus”, but I do not think it adds anything for what I need.


One caution the SwitchBot Meter doesn’t update in ST very often unless you set up a refresh rule in SharpTools. Without these updates temperature control will not be good.

I don’t know anything about the SwitchBot meter plus.


As @Paul_Oliver said, the big question with the SwitchBot set up is how often the values will be refreshed in smartthings.

The original version reported about every six hours, which was sufficient for my use, but might not be for yours.

Community members have reported that the second generation “plus“ version reports much more often, within 3 to 5 minutes. :sunglasses:

Here’s one report:

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Thank you @JDRoberts , @Paul_Oliver , and @ErnieG for the info. Much appreciated for the clarification on the two different meter options. I will go with the Plus model to get the much higher frequency of temp reporting. I will update once I have my devices and up and running.:grinning: Thanks All!

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Just an update as I have received my SwitchBot Hub Mini & Smart Meter Plus and easily configured them first in the SwitchBot App and then integrated with SmartThings. Thank you for all the help & advice from the members of this forum!

One issue I have observed is that I have the temperature units configured for Celsius in the SwitchBot app, and I am pretty sure it initially showed up as such in SmartThings, but then a few hours later I noticed it was showing in Fahrenheit. I messed around with some config settings in SmartThings and could not find a temperature units setting, and then mysteriously this morning it was back to C. Taking a quick look at some other postings such as this one, it seems there have been previously reported issues. I also checked my Samsung account profile and it already had my country set as Canada (hence celsius) but I added some detail and saved my profile, so that may have had an impact but if it did, it was not immediate.

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