Additional thermometer for Hive

Hi, I have a Hive thermostat set up in a cottage that we rent out which I’ve linked to my Smartthings hub which is at home.
I’m looking for a cheap solution to add an thermometer in another room in the cottage which I can then use to adjust the temp on the thermostat (as £100 for another hive thermostat send an expensive solution). Any ideas?

what about a smart things sensor they record temperature

Unfortunately my Hive is in the cottage and my smarthings hub is in our house 100 miles away…too far for a z-wave or zigbee connection.
I link to my hive from smartthings and have a number of webcore pistons that I use to control it I just need a WiFi thermometer or similar that I can connect to from smartthings remotely and I could then use a piston to adjust the hive temp.

Hi got that do you use IFTTT at all , get a free login to weather underground then set up a location in IFTTT and create a applet with hive turning on the heating at certain temps or turning it off

I don’t use IFTT any more, but I want to put the thermometer in another room from the Hive thermostat as the temperature varies so much between rooms so the weather solution won’t work L