The testing account does not have enough rights

We get the following error when we try to add a device.

deviceError: [
0: {
detail: "profileId: Profile cdd67dbf-086e-4cd8-9ca7-xxxxxxxxxx is not owned by location member!"
errorEnum: "BAD-REQUEST"

So this problem comes when the tester tries to add the device. Tester logged into the SmartThings Developer Workspace and he can see (read only) this device profile. Same as the ID in that error message.

We also checked that the accounts are the same. The testers SmartThings App has a menu called ”My Testing Device” and he sees the project.

Adding the device goes a long way until we get an error message in the last steps. When our cloud answer the discoveryRequest, we get that error message.

Everything works Ok, on the account of the project creator. How to add device profile rights to the account?

Hi, @Heikki_Pirttinen!

This is because the user doesn’t own the device profile. This means the tester didn’t create it.
For other people to use your device profiles, you need to publish them using the CLI:

smartthings deviceprofiles:publish deviceProfileId

Permissions are not assigned per account.

Note: Once the device profile is published, you won’t be able to modify it.

If I publish the device profile, how do I cancel the publication? If changes are needed.

It’s not possible, that’s why I mentioned this above. You would need to create a new one to apply those changes.