Developer Workspace 403 Error "User does not have the correct access"

I am a property management company that is attempting to have a software developer deploy a test on our workspace so that we can utilize their services. We have a couple of accounts, but our original one is not allowing the test to be deployed. When we go to deploy the test, we get the pop up error “{“code”:403,“message”:“User does not have the correct access”}”

Could anyone be of assistance on how to resolve?

Also: Could my issue be that the account is listed as being originated in Canada? We are a US based company, but the account was set up by a software company based out of Canada back around 2020

Hi, @havensthub
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The project you’re trying to deploy belongs to the original account? I mean, was it created from there?
Can you share the following information with us at, please?

  1. Your company’s MNID
  2. Project’s ID (share the URL of the project when you enter to edit it)
  3. E-mail of the original account to identify it
  4. If possible, please open the browser’s developer tools and see if there’s an error in the console with more description.


I’m not sure, but this is a great piece of information.

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Just sent off the information to the email you advised me to reach out to

The project does belong to the original account + was created from there.

Side question that could be helpful: Is there a way to transfer devices to a different account without losing all of our data? I have a couple of accounts that have not had this issue and would be interested in moving all of our devices to one of the other accounts if that is a possibility

Also curious is the country code can be changed WITHOUT losing data. The website seems to say that I cannot change it to the United States without all devices being deleted, which I would not want to do.


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