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I am rarely amazed by customer service as I think any reputable company needs to have strong customer support in order to stay in business. However, the Smartest Home webstore calls for the extra acknowledgment. I have recently purchased two Aeon Labs motion sensors on their site. One of them arrived broken (the inclusion button was stuck). I have emailed the company yesterday (Sunday) around 6pm to notify them of the broken sensor. In less than 30 minutes I received a response asking me to confirm the sensor was sealed and did not work at all. I replied to the email confirming the issue and 30 minutes later, I was notified that a replacement sensor has been shipped. Now this is what I call excellent customer service…


Yes they are a top notch company. I also had an issue and they took care of it right away. I highly recommend them and they also have some good sales.


They also participate regularly in these forums. :sunglasses:



I’ve been lame and haven’t posted a positive comment when I could rather than only posting when things go bad…

So, on that note, I was looking for 20xEcolink PIRZWAVE2.5-ECO, Not only do The Smartest House already have the best price online for them but I reached out to them about bulk discounts and while I won’t say what they did give me, the point is, they weren’t under any obligation to do anything for me but they did and I am extremely grateful to them for the extra discount on an already good price!

Plus, no tax!


I have bough several items from them in the past. Very reliable .


Wow, thanks for the shout-out guys! We couldn’t ask for a better reward than a special mention from one of the biggest smart home communities. Feel free to let us know if there’s anything we can improve about the service or add to the store to make it better, either tag us here at the forum or send feedback to custom support:


I see they have a 2 pack of Zooz motion sensors for $50. Can anyone give me any input on how good or bad those are? And if they indeed work with ST?

Zooz makes a few sensors that detect motion. There are several topics in the forum that discuss them if you search. They work with ST, some of the multisensors (i.e. motion plus something else) may require a custom device handler developed by the community.


I had a situation where I needed about 4 smart switches for fixtures with just one led bulb. The switch I was looking at, Zooz toggle, was rated for a 21 watt load or close to it, the led bulbs only pulled 7 watts. @TheSmartestHouse was super honest about their ratings and recommended another option despite that it probably would have worked.

Most companies would sell you stuff just to get the sell but this was a great show of customer service “Pre-Sale” that goes to show how great of a company The Smartest House Store is!