The Smartest House 4th of July Sale - $18 motion sensor, $25 in wall switch, $20 plug in switch

@TheSmartestHouse is having a 4th of July sale through the 6th with some good deals


Thanks for sharing @prjct92eh2! If anyone has any questions about the products or sale terms, we’re here to answer them :slight_smile:


Any thoughts / reviews on the EVERSPRING Z-WAVE ON-OFF PLUG-IN MODULE?

Is it “Plus” or just basic z-wave? How does it compare with more expensive options, like the Leviton?

It’s the basic 300 series Z-Wave which will be enough for most applications. It report energy reliably and we haven’t heard about any functionality or performance issues. We’ve only ever carried the older regular z-wave model of Leviton and for a short period of time too so it’s hard to pinpoint any crucial differences. The Leviton is a little smaller in size but it also only offers one outlet, while the Everspring has 1 Z-Wave outlet and another always-on outlet, much like the GE/Jasco modules.

Picked up the new Motion detector since my Iris gen 2 and I aren’t on good terms…

Kudos on the fast shipping! Ordered it on Friday morning and I just got the notice that it’s in my mailbox! Hopefully I will play with this later tonight. I’m hoping it will pair with ST and allow for the pet-sensitivity adjustments within the app?

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It looks like it has 8 levels of settings for motion sensitivity that can be set with the SmartThings Cclassic app. Make sure to install the device handler before you pair the device. Also looks like it has an acceleration sensor, which is something you don’t typically see on a motion sensor. @krlaframboise will the handler also display whether the sensor is on battery or USB power? I ordered one too, looking forward to testing it out.

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I’ll create a topic for the ZSE18 DTH tonight.

The vibration detection is really sensitive, but it needs constant vibration for 8 seconds before it reports the vibration event. After it detects vibration it won’t report inactive until the vibration stops.

It can’t detect if it’s on USB power or batteries.


The instructions for USB inclusion are here (they’re not in the manual since the cable is sold separately and adding the sensor as a signal repeater would drain the battery):


Just to expand on that, if you follow those instructions and include it as a powered device it no longer supports the battery or wake up command classes so you won’t be able to use it with batteries again until you remove it and add it back normally.

It will technically still work with batteries, but the device stays awake so without the USB power the batteries will die within a day and you won’t know they died because it won’t report the battery level.

If you include it following the normal instructions it will work with USB or Battery, but it won’t act as a repeater.

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we’ll have the Zooz team add these notes to the support article as well, thanks for pointing it all out!

@prjct92eh2 which DTH? Can it not use a local one already available in ST? If cloud based, where do I download?

[EDIT] NVM, found it! If you set the level with the custom DTH, and then change it to a local DTH, ios the setting saved in the unit or does it go back to defaults?

You can configure it with the custom DTH and then change it back to one of the local DTH afterwards. Just make sure you wake the device up after saving the settings screen.