Where to buy US Aeon Nano Switches?

Has anyone found a place to pick up any of the following Aeon Nano Switches?

Nano Switch with energy reading ZW116-A, US
Nano Switch without energy reading ZW139-A, US
Dual Nano Switch with energy reading ZW132-A, US
Dual Nano Switch without energy reading ZW140-A, US


Have you tried …Smartest House?

I was wondering the same thing - Smartest House has the micro, but not nano. Keyword search, model number search, and browsing by brand yielded nothing, but if there’s a secret link, I’m interested, too!

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Are the nanos released yet? I thought they were going to be released sometime in 2017 but aren’t out yet. On their product page they only have a link to Amazon and that says “not available”.

AFAIK they’re still not officially released yet. For reasons I still don’t entirely understand, this one website had them in stock but it looks like they’re now all out of stock.


I ordered one of the nano switches a few months ago, haven’t had a chance to install it but I confirmed with aeotec the site is legit.

When they’re generally available, @TheSmartestHouse will have them in stock. No secret links or passwords required, I imagine :slight_smile:

This has all been discussed before, you can try searching the forum for the topic.

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Some are showing on ebay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Aeon-Labs-Aeotec-Z-Wave-Nano-Switch-Gen5-ZW139-/122299612531

But it is not the US frequency.

The seller has a strong rep with a lot of responses.

They are on amazon now.

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At least as of today, the Amazon listing is from zwaveproducts.com. They are one of the retailers that have higher prices on Amazon, because Amazon charges them for the warehouse use. So if you buy it from the zwaveproducts.com site, it will be about 10% less expensive, although you won’t get free shipping unless your order is at least $99.


Note that they might be in stock in one place and out of stock in the other, so sometimes you need to check both.

The nano dimmer and power metering switch are the same price as on amazon. Plus with prime shipping I’m getting a new nano dimmer on Tuesday. :grinning:


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