The rollout process of new devices is flawed

(Jeremy Whittaker) #1


I purchased my ST setup probably 2 months ago. At the time I added the smoke detector. I joined it to my ST hub and it has never been of much use given that the code for it was not written and I could not interact with it in any way.

After reading through the forums today I decided to exclude/include it back into my hub with the impression it would have added functionality. I was correct in now it is recognized and it appears to be interacting with my hub.

All this being said how many other devices in my house that I added before have added functionality? Is there new functionality with my Schlage and Kwikset locks, my motion sensors, my multis? I’m curious what the ST rollout process is for updates to devices. Should I randomly exclude/include my devices on a certain time basis to see if new functionality is added? Is there any way to send a push notification when ST detects I have a specific device that has added functionality that can only be accessed by an exclude/include? Email? Anything?

(Bigpunk6) #2

Did you have a custom Device Type for your smoke Detector?

I noticed that the zWave Lock Device Type has changed lately and I was not aware because I had a custom Device Type.

(Jeremy Whittaker) #3

@bigpunk6 I didn’t do any custom type of connector I simply added it as a ZWAVE device. It added but it appeared ST app did not completely recognize what it was. I just figured at some point in the future when the capability was there it would just automatically start functioning. This however was not the case.

(Andrew Urman) #4

@jeremywhittaker a device will automatically get all updates for the type it is set to. Since the smoke detector was not implemented into the platform when you paired it, it never identified or set to the correct type.

All your devices will receive updates to the type they are set to. So if device is currently a “Z-Wave Switch” it will always receive updates to the “Z-Wave Switch” device type.

But if you have a devices that either

a) wasn’t built into the system when it was paired
b) paired as unknown or "thing"
c) is a custom device type

It will not receive updates properly

(Jeremy Whittaker) #5

Thanks @urman that definitely helps in clarifying how that process works. I had read on other posts that users had removed the Schlage/Kwikset locks and re-added them and obtained gained functionality as well so I was not sure. The smoke detector was detected as just a “thing” or something to that affect so it definitely makes sense. Thanks again.

(Andrew Urman) #6

we’re going to work on how we communicate updates to the community and try to be as clear as possible.

That said, there are some fringe cases where a device would need to be re-paired in order to gain some functionality OR be manually inputed. Support staff will be trained and knowledgeable on when/how that would need to happen and would be able to guide people through the process.