New smartthings thinks my smoke alarm is a leak sensor

So I’ve used several of the First Alert Z-Wave combo smoke alarms with my v2 hub without incident for years now, until this week:

The batteries on one had gone dead, and even after I replaced them it was showing offline in Smartthings. So I reset it and reconnected it without much issue.

Except now, in the new smart things app, the icon for the smoke alarm is three water drops, AND (this is the best part, because who cares what the icon is)

In ST Home Monitor it says “No smoke detectors” - View Sensors and it says “You don’t have any smoke detectors yet.”

I’ve gone through this more than once now, reset and reconnected the detector, repaired ZWave, rebooted the hub …

Google has not been my friend on this.

Anybody seen anything similar, please and thank you?

Oh, the device shows up in the app just fine, and reports “Smoke detector - Clear” and “Carbon monoxide - Clear” it just doesn’t appear in Home Monitor.

So I’m like, “If it alerts, how will I know?”

Yup, and it’s not a DTH or device issue or hub issue. STHM does this to me every so often. I have to go into STHM setup and disable Smoke, exit out, go back and re-enable Smoke.

Thank you! OK, did that. No joy.

Well crap. I found another post in the Community the other day where this happened to someone else, but now I can’t find it. I was hoping to find out if they submitted a ticket on this that we could jump in on.

Out of curiosity, do you have another device you can try to see if you’re getting the same results? I’m wondering if you’ll see STHM quickly show OK but then just as quickly say you have no devices.

I know it’s not a device issue because I’ve dealt with this once before.

Tagging @Brad_ST for awareness in case ST does have an existing support ticket in play for something similar.

Another identical device? I do, but not with me, it’ll be a few weeks before I can try that. But I’m in no hurry.

I’ll search again, I couldn’t find anything when I did before.

No worries. I noticed that behavior when I opened ST on my wife’s S20, but it ended up saying the same thing.

I can’t recall how I came across that other discussion. It’s wasn’t specifically asking the same thing, but I believe it was part of a another topic. I’ll poke around for my own benefit.

Thanks, John, so much for your help. Strong community members are a good sign for the platform! :slight_smile:

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If you login to the IDE and look at that device, what is the Type field set to?

“Z-Wave Smoke Alarm”

And the icon probably looks like this:


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Yessssss! :yum:

You mean like the icon you see for Smoke Detectors when you add a device by type? I assumed those were perhaps meant to represent yellow flames, though they look just as much like three golden pears.


Well I’m an idiot, and the title of my thread is unfortunate (are those water drops? are they flames?) and likely irrelevant to the actual issue.

It is working as expected now, and almost certainly user error. [AHEM interface design AHEM.]

See this? I see toggles, that’s all. On off.


I don’t see anything but toggles. I see absolutely zero indication(s) that if I tap the text to the left of the toggle, I get more setup options.

In fact, that is so counter intuitive and inconsistent with every user interface experience I have ever had, that I never would have guessed, and DIDN’T - I actually touched it by ACCIDENT and found the option to Set Up Smoke Detectors, and was able to add the one, and now it is working as intended.

So I am an idiot, and my thoughts on the new smarthings interface are now clearly documented.

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The “more set up options” image I wasn’t allowed to embed because I’m a new user.

More Options

Welcome to the new app… :wink:

Glad you got this working, although it should NOT have been like that for sure!