Is there any update on smartthings app issues after uodate

I’m just asking if anyone found a solution to zwave or zigbee or all devices appearing as disconnected in the new app while everything is working fine in the old app. I’m dont want to reset the whole system . Only thing I tried is uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

Some custom code can be modified in order to work in STSC. If you want to list devices that are not working, we can probably give you more info on whether or not that can be modified to work. Here is a thread detailing what modification to the code is required.

For me, al zwave apps appear as disconnected. Even my samsung branded sensors. Everything works with no issues in the old app. It’s just the new app.

I’m hoping to God I dont have to reset everything including the hub.

Samsung branded sensors are zigbee, not zwave.

Have you contacted ST support? Perhaps they only need to sync your account.

Maybe it’ both then. I know my smoke detectors are zwave. & it even says my hub is disconnected but some devices are still connected. I know devices with custom device handlers will appear as disconnected. I have not contacted support because it seems like a lot of people are experiencing this issue after the firmware update I was thinking mayne samsung would have sent out a fix for it…but I guess they didnt or they are still working on it.