The End of Groovy Has Arrived

Could someone point me in the right direction to install edge drivers, particularly for the ikea buttons, to test. So glad the battery issue has been fixed.

If you don’t have automations in those platforms, it might not be an issue. I’ve migrated things over to edge and alexa still works for voice control. You can wait until the rollover and if there isn’t a driver it should map to a supported driver or thing driver that you can change to something else if you find the driver for it.

As Of today, creating virtual devices requires either the CLI or an Edge Driver.

And multicomponent devices only show the main device to voice assistance, Ifttt, and other integrations. The workaround for that is virtual devices. :persevere:

Today you can create a virtual device through the IDE, which just requires a web browser.

So it’s not just esoteric power user projects. It’s just getting some ordinary officially supported devices to work with the voice assistants, which is supposed to be basic smartthings functionality.

The wording is confusing, particularly when translated, but both of those options assume that you are using the Hue hub with your bulbs.

One is if you want to connect cloud to cloud.

The other is if you want to connect over your local LAN.

But both official integration options assume that you have the hue hub. Cloud to cloud does not require a smartthings hub, but still requires the hue hub.

Sorry, DTH like this


You can add [ST Edge] vEdge Creator: a virtual device generator for end users to your app and it will create virtual devices on demand. I’ve used it to create switches that replace old virtual switches and they seem to work unless you are dealing with a situation where you don’t have a hub.

Only if you have a SmartThings/Aeotec hub, and as of today, over 90% of people using the smartthings app do not. They probably have a Samsung smart appliance or television.

You can have a nice set up using the smartthings app with a Samsung smart television, ring doorbell, ecobee or nest thermostat, Lutron Caseta or Leviton (WiFi) Switches, Hue bridge including Hue motion sensor battery, SwitchBot curtain closers, Meross smart plugs, Meross garage door controller, Schlage or Yale WiFi smartlock, and a bunch of other Wi-Fi devices without needing a SmartThings/Aeotec hub. And as of today, you can create virtual switches as well, just using the IDE.

And you don’t need a laptop for any of this, just a smart phone. :sunglasses:

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If you have Android, you can create a virtual switch in the lab section, but I’m not sure if that is going to be there after the 30th. It might be a groovy thing that goes away when groovy disappears.

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I suppose if the CLI were able to be used via a web browser, that would solve most of the problems.

I don’t think that’s what you meant, but It’s all mostly beyond me, at the moment.

Yeah, I’m waiting to hear more details on that option as well.

Currently I use iOS (it has much better voice navigation), But as I mentioned in another thread I’d be willing to buy an inexpensive android tablet if I had to do that in order to run android version of smartthings and get virtual devices that can trigger an Alexa routine.

Unfortunately, as I understand it in the smartthings labs switch creator version that exists today, it does create virtual switches, but they don’t have sensor capability, so they cannot be used to trigger Alexa routines. :disappointed_relieved:

The new community – created edge drivers from @taustin and @ygerlovin DO have sensor capability as well as switch capability and so they can be used as Alexa routine triggers. But again, they require a smartthings/Aeotec hub.

I just want the same functionality I’ve had for over five years: the ability to create a virtual device which is both a switch and a sensor and to create it using a web browser on a mobile device and without requiring a ST/Aeotec hub. But I’ve been asking about this issue for over a year, so my feeling at this point is that it’s just not going to happen. But we will see. I’d be delighted to be pleasantly surprised on this feature.

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That is the Hue bridge to ST hub connection so you are OK. It will continue to work.


Sorry to ask the same question, but:
After September 30th, where do I go to see my zigbee devices’ routing to the hub, and see if they are reporting back or have fallen off?

Yeh, I double checked and that doesn’t work. If you are using alexa routines, why not just use a voice trigger or start the routine in the alexa app? It’s an interesting flow to go from ST to Alexa Routines.

See the Getting Started section in the first post.
It will tell you how to join the SmartThings Edge beta channel.

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Unfortunately you can’t see routes anywhere. Some community edge drivers are adding signal strength metrics to their Drivers so you can see those. Devices will show a cloud with line through it icon when they drop off.

The Whole point is to be able to add an Alexa routine to a smartthings automation without having to do voice control or even being home. :sunglasses:

Lots of people use Alexa as an intermediary two devices which don’t have a SmartThings integration but do have an Alexa integration.

Just as one example, I have a Frigidaire window air conditioner which doesn’t integrate with anything except Alexa. But I can use an ST virtual switch to get to it that way, and turn it on only if I’m home, the temperature reaches a certain level, and the window is not open. :sunglasses:

And I have another one to integrate with my Eufy robot vacuum. That one will run only if I’m not home.

Again, lots of people use it for different purposes, but usually something like this. You have a device which does work with Alexa but doesn’t work with smartthings. You want to use it in a ST routine without having to speak a command. :speak_no_evil:

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Oh wow, that’s REALLY disappointing. Do you think there is any chance for a user-accessible interface to ever be developed to let us see all that useful information again? I mean, there was SO much data, controls, and logging on that page…

Any chance? Sure. I was told support can pull that info for Edge devices, so that means the data is there. But I don’t know of any plans to make it customer facing again.

I cannot get the ikea 5 button to pair as an edge driver, at all. Some people have, but not me.

it’s not going to use Edge yet unless you’ve manually installed the driver from SmartThings’ beta channel