The End of Groovy Has Arrived

Aeotec already has a different zwave-only hub (that they got when they acquired POPP) that is using series 700. (The WASH version is still series 500.)

But no announcement I’ve seen on any hub officially smartthings compatible using the newer Z wave.


If there’s one feature I wish ST had…


Gonna jump in here on one thing I have found worked well in HE, that I don’t think ST does yet.

You can ‘swap’ out any zwave or zigbee device; and HE will jump all the various applications and swap out the old device for the new device. I replaced a bunch of bulbs and contact sensors and didn’t have to touch any application, routine, or rule. The swap just worked.

BTW, I have both ST and HE hubs running. And have the feels’ for both.


Could be nice to have a command or something to validate that our device are good to go for the migration, to be sure we installed all the correct channel and edge drivers :slight_smile:

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The end… Has it though? Has it really? We’re 21 days into the year and nothing seems to be happening. What is the latest?

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The hosting cloud has been shutdown just this week. Major changes for many people.

Official announcement

Groovy SmartApp Shutdown

Community faq:

Why Did My Integration/SmartApp Stop Working in January 2023?


I have started to notice when I add a new device it gets Edge drivers but is randomly assigned to a room in my house rather than to the “No Room Assigned” where they used to get put. Then after I have added a device I have to go hunt for it to find which room it has been put in.

Also say if a device in one room goes off line for what ever reason (say a door/window sensor) and you resync it by pushing the reset button, it will be found as the correct device, name etc but it will also be randomly re-allocated to another from the one it was originally placed in.

Anyone else notice this?
(This is a V2 Hub)

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Devices now appear where your Hub device is located, if you check the room you should notice your hub is also there


Ta, thanks. I have rearranged my house a bit so that is why they randomly moved when I centralized my hub and routers.

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Its just another thing ST has changed without a notice anywhere

Might change again in the future…who knows these days

Oddly ST has 2 in built notification sections which they can use to get messages across to users and one of those systems is a banner on the home page… i guess the switch over is so disjointed between Samsung developers no one can co ordinate anything including putting messages up… its a bit of a runaway horse now

Not a clue where its going… but its going regardless



I recently moved all of my Smart bulbs back over to Hubitat and used the Mira driver to share them back to SmartThings.

I got the notices on my phone that new devices were shared with Alexa, but I couldn’t find them as they didn’t go in the “No Room Assigned” bucket.

Got into the “move” dialog somehow and found them in the Living Room, where the hub is as @fido noted.

Glad that was advertised as another change :wink:


I added back some old Linkind bulbs last weekend and they were put in the first room in my list, which is not where my hub is. The ways of ST are too mysterious for mere mortals to grok.

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Has anyone had any IKEA bulbs auto migrated to edge drivers yet? I have 8 and none have auto migrated yet

None of my four Ikea bulbs have migrated.

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I had 8 lingering zwave devices and just bit the bullet and updated them manually to Edge drivers and updated routines they were associated with. Took about 2 hours with having to look up how to exclude and include some old switches and having to scan and rescan a few times on those.

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14 warm white GU10, 4 white spectrum GU10 still not migrated.
I manually migrated a few warm white and white spectrum ES and SES bulbs.
The GU10 are a bit inaccessable.
I have the GU10s using ‘ZLL Dimmer Bulb’ and ‘ZLL White Color Temperature Bulb’ handlers; I hope that is not delaying the migration.

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My IKEA bulbs are auto migrated to edge drivers in December.

They are the only devices that have been migrated automatically.

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I got tired of waiting & wound up doing everything myself. If you have not i would recommend you do the same. If you are not sure then just ask questions like i.did.

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It is a torturous wait …


I have the following that have not yet migrated, and I have my fingers crossed that they eventually will without me having to do it manually. All but 1 are Z-Wave.

6 - NuTone NWD500Z Smart Z-Wave Enabled Wall Dimmer Switch
2 - Zooz 700 Series Z-Wave Plus On/Off Switch ZEN71
1 - Zigbee Switch,Inle Smart Light Switch
1 - Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Smart Outdoor Switch, 1-Outlet Plug-In (2nd Gen.)
1 - GE 14284 Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Smart Outdoor Switch
1 - Fibaro Motion Sensor ZW5