The End of Groovy Has Arrived

The Flowering Knights have breached the wall! :ninja::ninja::ninja:


That’s covered in a notice. Galaxy owners already had it in SmartThings Find and they wanted to extend the ability to detect unknown tags nearby to users of other phones.

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last notice in the iOS app is dated Oct. 2022

Interesting. I think that’s possibly the app described on I don’t know why that would suddenly put in an appearance.

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The Android app has an update notice for December that includes:

4. Search for Unknown Tags

iOS and non-Galaxy Android devices will now see a new option in the settings of the SmartThings app to “Search for unknown tags near you”.

If you suspect an unknown SmartTag is in your vicinity, you can access this feature by selecting the “Menu (☰)”, choosing “Search for unknown tags”, and selecting “Start”.

  • If using a Galaxy device, the “Search for unknown tags” feature is located in the settings of the SmartThings Find service found in the Life tab.
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The latest notice had a mention of " a plan to migrate supported virtual devices"

Ugh. Guess I’ll do the same thing with a routine as I think think I’ll run into the same issue with Alexa as when I tried to automate ecobee since I don’t want any sort of verbal or phone notification when it does stuff which I’m assuming the disarm command would generate.

That seems to be my main theme with this transition. I’m able to accomplish most things, but they take a proliferation of routines and are only about 50 to 60% as good as they used to be.

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What about using a combination of native SmartThings routines and SharpTools rules?

What were you envisioning? I took a look in the SharpTools forum to see if anyone had done this and couldn’t find a successful replication. Came close in that they could create a repeating cycle of turning lights on and off with delays, but basically would just follow the same repeating pattern. I still might do that as unless someone is really paying attention they wouldn’t notice so would be an improvement over just having XYZ lights come on when we are gone.

My IOS app shows the same that last update was 10/18/2022 but I had noticed the Search for Unknown Tags and that some icons had different colors.

I’ve also been trying out using Node Red as a replacement for Life360 and LIFX Group of Groups. Node Red setup had me create a SmartApp which I believe is the new way of creating SmartApps through the Developer Site. I could be wrong on this though. I have the old (Groovy) Life360 SmartApp and old MyQ Lite SmartApp still active.

SmartApp has been working perfect for several months but stopped around the time I noticed the icon color change. In the IOS app, when I click on the SmartApp I had created, it would give me the “Something Went Wrong” error. I deleted the App and tried to re-add. When I try to re-add, I get the same “Something Went Wrong” error. Wondering if anyone on IOS has had problems with created SmartApps following this “update”. I’ll probably try to delete my SmartApp from Developer site tomorrow and rebuild to see if that fixes it.

Perhaps @joshua_lyon has an idea how to fluctuate it.

when I click on that linked service, I see the following:

You need to enter a ST employee email address to approve your application as part of the sign up process.

i am not looking to use it. it appeared in my linked services this week

It is not in my linked services.

I am having trouble movin gmy last z-wave and zigbee devices using DTHs to Edge.

In particular:

  • Fibaro Motion sensor, keeps picking up the DTH when re-paired
    Fibaro contact sensor, same as above
  • Aqara button (I have 2 already using drivers), same as above

Should I wait for them to be automatically moved to a driver? Does it work even if the driver is not a stock driver (the Aqara, while the Fibaros should work with stock Z-wave sensor driver) ?

Hi @sulisenator

Unfortunately despite the fingerprint being in the Smartthings official driver it never picks up the device, and installing the ST beta driver will see it picked up as a Zwave switch or generic sensor with no way to swap driver.

However, @Mariano_Colmenarejo excellent Z-Wave Sensor And Child Thermostat MC driver will allow it to pair correctly. You will need to uninstall the DTH device first which will exclude it from the Zwave mesh.

I found that after pairing i needed to put the device into pairing and send a setting (I disable the LED) to get all sensor readings. One of my devices then required a battery pull for motion events to work, not sure why this was.

Also, pair the devices near the hub or sometimes the device will be recognised as a zwace switch and youll need to delete and repair again

PS should have mentioned this is for a Fibaro motion sensor

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I had the same issues with my Fibaro Motion. I had to remove the device, delete the Groovy DTH then add the device back in. FRI the driver for the Motion sensor sucks

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Everybody’s under pressure, everybody’s annoyed when things that they count on stop working, and nobody knows what the impact will be on other people.

So…let’s help each other where we can, be understanding where we can’t, wish each other well whatever path we’re on. It’s a long road ahead. :motorway: