The End of Groovy Has Arrived

With the platform change to edge drivers and more local execution groovy and the IDE are being shutdown in a few weeks so no new DTHs and the info in the IDE will likely be inacurate.
Youll need to look for an edge driver to support your device.

What is the device and someone might be able to help you find one.


My device is Zigbee smart plug with power meter.

brand/model of the smart plug? most likely @Mariano_Colmenarejo has created an Edge Driver with power metering for it

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The list of supported models for the stock Smartthings Zigbee switch with power meter driver is here:

Otherwise, as @jkp suggests, look at @Mariano_Colmenarejo Zigbee Switch MC driver here:

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How can i test this and put the code in my own account?

You need to subscribe to the author’s channel and then select the driver you want to be installed to your hub. For the stock Smartthings drivers, you subscribe here:

Info for @Mariano_Colmenarejo Zigbee switch driver is here:

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fwiw, i have that same plug which had been migrated to a stock driver. i just changed it to Mariano’s driver which has a lot more options and settings

I worked in IT for years. Every company I worked for implemented change moratoriums during periods that were deemed critical to the business or for when they expected extremely heavy activity. Samsung is making what is probably the largest change ever made to the SmartThings platform just as new hubs, sensors, thermostats, etc. are being unwrapped and new users are coming onboard. :man_facepalming:


Has anyone else has issues with Zigbee devices going offline? I only have two (most devices I have are Z-Wave) but ever since migrating to Edge drivers my motion sensor and doorbell relay have worked fine for a few days and then gone offline.

This could be unrelated to the drivers and be down to the hub firmware upgrade that happened at a similar time. I removed and re-added the motion sensor as that’s easily accessible and that fixed it for a few days but it seems once they go offline they don’t come back online.

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There are a number of people reporting this beginning with firmware 45.9.

And a couple of other threads

Thanks for pointing me at these - apologies I should have searched first before posting.

Will engage with those threads and see if it offers up any solutions.


I haven’t seen anything that I’d consider a real fix. You’ll find a few things that seem to work for some people some of the time.

Assuming you’ve got an Aeotec or V3/2018 hub, the trouble seems to have started with firmware 45.9. The release notes mention a replacement of the ZigBee stack for those hubs.

I have a v2 hub, but yes the issue did start occurring around the same time it was upgraded to 45.9, and 45.11 hasn’t helped.

My V2 hubs have had no issues with Zigbee, but my beta hub was updated to 000.046.00004 a couple days ago. Still no issues.

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In this step, how can i get my hub-id

Not 100% sure this is correct but:

go to rooms and select your hub and you should see the id#

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Thank you, now i can get the hub-id.

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Is anyone else in the same situation as me.

Its now the 12th December 19 days and counting until the big groovy DTH switch off and I have not had one device migrated by the process to the Smartthings edge drivers.

I have done 1 manual move of an Aeotec device using the third party driver not the Samsung beta ones, and also tried and tested some other third party edge drivers that I have access to, but nothing seems to have moved automatically by itself.

I am hoping the fact I was proactive with looking at and implementing solutions for items that did not look like they were on the auto migration process have not excluded my hub from the automatic transition.

Anyone else getting a little nervous that they have had no devices migrate yet?


So far none of my z-Wave devices have been migrated yet (Fibaro, Qubino, Aeotec), I also getting little nervous. Let’s hope everything ends well.

I have a mixture of Zigbee and ZWave, but its good to know others are in the same boat.

I just hope this is something post the new year a number of us are left going around sorting out.

There are so many devices and integrations I would need to resolve. I expect a number of issues with auto migration, but hope to deal with exceptions rather than a whole system!