Questions/Feature Requests (e.g. User Contributed Smart Apps)

I have a couple of questions/feature requests:

  1. I think it would be nice to have a subsection in the app where we could access user contributed smart apps. I think they should still be kept separate from the SmartThings Apps, but I know there are many customizations and features that we could benefit from by being able to install these other apps.

  2. Also, it would be nice if the SmartApps had more of a description as to what they do. I like the organization of the new app, but there are a few that I don’t even understand what they do. An example of this is “Undead Early Warning”. Cool name, but it would be nice if there was a description of the action/use.

  3. Would it be possible to have the forums separated into subcategories? I like how the app has subcategories so that you can find what is applicable. I feel that “Connected Things” could be subcategorized into device type. This would help me learn more about certain devices that are being added or request information on a device.

I agree with #1 entirely. I think it would bring about a new breath of life to SmartThings. I was imagining some sort of AppStore approval to get on that list.

I also suggested some sort of path to getting user-written device handlers into the main SmartThings app. For example, people have written device handlers for Nest and Foscam devices already. It would be nice to get those merged into SmartThings proper somehow.

The way it is right now, the community is so dependent on the SmartThings developers writing out all the code for everything and thus it is taking FOREVER to get new devices, apps, etc on the platform. The developers wrote an API for a reason, the company should be better utilizing the community as whole.

My biggest want from the community is device types. This weekend I wrote device types for my D-Link cameras, my insteon lights, and my alarm system… and it would be nice to share those with others easily. It also would help to not re-invent the wheel in case someone else has already done it and to leverage other’s work if they have implemented device types for devices I have not got around to.

I also am not sure why it is taking so long to get new devices into the system… it is super easy to write new device types, they should be cranking them out!

@ethomasii Exactly! I know SmartThings is a small company but it would be great if they built out some sort of github like functionality to the ecosystem where we can have the one main version of a D-link camera device type and the community can add to and whoever the maintainer is can merge those changes in. I hope all this gets flushed out sooner rather than later.

I am sure the makers/developers have plenty on their plate. These will hopefully get implemented but I would imagine making sure what is already implemented is stable first is top priority. Then hopefully these additions. As you said, it may actually reduce the amount of work they do by using the communities efforts. I agree with the idea of AppStore type pre-approval to reduce the clutter and less-functional Apps and Devices.

Yes I’m new and I just hopped on this forum to impress one major issue. As an end user looking to buy a home automation platform…I will require official device support of Insteon products. Until it is built I will not buy it. I’m in IT and I could implement other’s code to integrate Insteon as ethomasii was willing to share, but I’ll have to pass until it is FULLY integrated.

Things - it would be great if you could see the name on of the item on the main screen rather than just the icon and open/close …on/off. Hue Bridge is the only item with a descriptive.

I agree. We need names on things. I know you can shake it and see the names, but that want work on the iPad. I’ll never get my wife to learn the icons. I have a problem also, I have 4 hue in one room and hard to keep up with the icons.


Here’s my workaround until ST builds this into their app: