SmartApps Submissions + Sneak Peak!

Hello Everyone!

We’re glad to finally reviewed the entire queue of SmartApp submissions as of 06/12/2015. We’ll be reaching out to the developers individually this upcoming Monday. We’d like to thank everyone of you who submitted SmartApps for dedicating your time to create and share solutions with everyone using this platform. As a SmartThings Developer, you are the quintessence of the SmartThings platform. Without you, “open platform” means nothing.

As we scaled into a larger community base, SmartApp approvals overwhelmed the current process and workflow. This was a learning process. We acknowledge that the lack of app discovery has made for a lot of duplicate and similar apps. Additionally, we understand the need to provide better guidance for the types of SmartApps that we get excited about. Lastly, we need to strive to increase transparency into the process and review submissions as quickly as possible.

We have streamlined the process. We updated the documentation to reflect what we look for in a SmartApp, and we’re on our way to a better app discovery.

Now, we’d like to invite you to try out these new SmartApps, prior to launching them more widely.

Sign up to join the sneak peak! Spots are available until the end of Thursday, and we’ll get to install and play with them on Friday until they launch officially!

Thanks again for all your patience. Now, I can’t wait to see more of your SmartApps come through the approval process. :wink:



hi! I just extended the opt-in to thursday, and we’ll activate this friday. Allowing more people to attend , since I still see a ton of interest.


I signed up the day I got the email but haven’t seen anything else that directs us to the beta smartapps, is there a link of some sort that list the apps?

Yes! Should be in the mobile section under smartapp sandbox.

Also, on the forums, you should see a category for smartapp sandbox too. If you don’t, just let me look and I’ll find out.

If you get a chance see if you authorize me so that it show up in the app. After missing out on the Harmony beta I was pretty excited to get that email and try things out, I filled out the sign up form again last night just to jog my memory and now distinctly recall signing up the day I got the email.

BTW, I am able to find the Sandbox forum section but only if I search for it.

@jotto posted screenshots of how to use the ST mobile app to get to the sneak peek smartapps here:


Just curious, I am new to Smartthings and I was wondering with the new hub and new compatible devices will there ever be a SmartApp Store.

Thanks, Brandon

It has tecently been discussed in developer calls (they take place on a biweekly wednesday and more info can be found on the announcments and events section) however in short YES but when is not clear, its on the roadmap but the timescale isnt clear as of yet…