Publications Pending

I have now had publications pending for 6 months. Some are updates to existing live apps.

Soooo… Any plans to actually PROCESS the publications, dear Smartthings?


I would tag some of the admins in your post so you can be sure they get some notification… i would give you some names but i haven’t figured out who is who

@jody.albritton @slagle are developer advocates, perhaps they can check on the status for you.

I know they have been working on an official process for this. Automating this process is on the road map (probably be a while my guess 6months at the earliest) so that it happens instantly.

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We want to look at all these soon. But stability and reliability are key right now. But, yes, we will look soon.

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Still not published. Check the year of my original post…

Guess you didn’t see this?

I did not see that. It’s just I keep getting request for a bug fix that I submitted what, 2015’ish, for one of my published apps. Developer calls doesn’t help much with that.

– Probably contains typos, I’m on my mobile and have big fingers…