Text two people Iphone on alert

Simple request, which after multiple hours of searching has even gotten me more confused.

All I am trying to do is have the basic alarm alert be text to both my wife and I Iphone. We both get notifications, but only my Iphone gets a text.

I have read about a contacts list in the app, which apparently doesn’t exist.
I have read about using a smart app and creating my own code. Past the level of technical capability I want/should need.

This should be a simple thing to do and apparently I just can’t figure it out.

I really hope someone can give me clarity on: is it possible, and if so how, and if it is not, thats ok, I’ll add it to the list of basic needs on the request list.

Try separating the numbers with a * character.

No dice? If you know how to make a virtual switch, you might be able to turn that switch on when the alarm starts, and set up a “Notify Me When…” stock smartapp to send the second text.

If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to install custom code. Rule Machine can do what you’re asking. That’s the state of ST today.

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thanks Paul.
The * didn’t work so. Ill move on to the next potential.
Being from the Hardware technology side, gives me some basic insights into the coding side. Enough to no, I shouldn’t go there, that is.

This, rule machine with the * between numbers will work

If you change your mind, we can point you in the right direction to get this set up. It’s a little daunting, but by no means difficult.

Thanks Paul,
I’m going to have to think about that a bit.
From what I see on these fourms is that the more complexity, the more problems people have.
My only reason for acquiring a SmartThings system was to use it as a home alarm system. Door, window, motion detection and sub-pump. Alarm on, alarm off. Notification and text to my wife and I when we have a break in, or the sub- pump isn’t working.
I find it so nearest no that Samsung doesn’t realize they have two very distinct customer needs.
Home Automation and security.
Both are big markets and both have all kinds of variables when it comes to a customers willingness to engage in customization, tweaking, and unique process.
Home automation is exploding and will be big in the next number of years and home security is Already a multi-bullion dollar business in the US alone.
Home security is ripe for a major disruptions. It has been very much a razor and razor blades business, leveraging fear and loss of property to charge over priced fees for doing what a customer could do if only they had a way to be informed of a break in.
Call for help.
Opps, I’ve been rambling. Sorry about that.
Should be writing this to product development and marketing.

Simple, simple, simple. That makes a market leader and makes them profitable

Hey Dennis,

Installing Rule Machine actually takes about 2 mins with NO coding. Once installed, another 2 mins on your phone, again NO coding, then you setup new rules and triggers in the ST app on your phone and you are rocking and rolling in no time

Hit me up via PM if you are interested

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