How can I send a text to two phones when a notification goes ou

I am using the Classic app and I get the notification to one phone, I added my wife as a user on her phone, If I add her number in th eapp for texts it changes for mine as well. How can I add more than one text number?


Push notifications if enabled should send notification to all devices. Text notification will only send to one number.

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That is what I am finding out. Seems like the developers missed out. If I can share my hub with someone, they should be able to get texts as well as notifications

I find push notifications to work out where I don’t need the text notifications.

They should be able to. I guess I’m missing something?

I think it is separate instead of a text everyone because there are notification I want as the account manager that my wife or family doesn’t need to receive.
There is a thread that talk about setting up contacts in your account. Then you can select who gets what push and or sms notification.

If I can find it I’ll post a link to it. Let me wander through the thread and see if I can find something helpful.

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Thanks Don

There doesn’t seem to be alot of info on how to work the intricacies of the app. Or have I missed a link

As I was pondering this a few questions came to me.

Do you and your wife each have you own smarthings account set up?
Did you add her as a user to your account if you were the main person?
Or is she logging in on her phone using your info?

This all makes a difference.

I’m going to tag @JDRoberts as he is the master at providing help and links to where you can find it. Only because I’m not having much luck right now, and I’m on mobile away from home.

We have separate accounts. I shared my account with her. If she logged in as me wouldn’t she still only be able to have the same single text address? Thanks for your efforts.

I have 3 devices and all with different log in accounts, it has never worked where I could have different notification text messages go to anything but one account at a time. Maybe its a bug or as designed, but push notifications work just as good so I never pursued it any further.

I’m not having much luck finding what I’m looking for.

I know one way you can have pretty much whatever you want. It would require you to setup and use Webcore. It is VERY versatile and you can do pretty much anything you want.

Thanks for the shout. :sunglasses: Since neither version of the app is voice-accessible, I stay out of rules discussions now for the most part. I’m way behind on current features. So I’m primarily a hardware guy these days.

I know you used to be able to set up multiple instances of “Notify me when,” each with a different phone number, but I don’t know if that still works. And it was a lot of work because you had to duplicate each rule.

In this situation, I would probably start by asking ST support. I’m sure it’s a commonly-requested feature and they may know a way.