Send text to 2 iPhones when there is an alarm

(3D) #1

Simple request, which after multiple hours of searching has even gotten me more confused.

All I am trying to do is have the basic alarm alert be text to both my wife and I Iphone. We both get notifications, but only my Iphone gets a text.

I have read about a contacts list in the app, which apparently doesn’t exist.
I have read about using a smart app and creating my own code. Past the level of technical capability I want/should need.

This should be a simple thing to do and apparently I just can’t figure it out.

I really hope someone can give me clarity on: is it possible, and if so how, and if it is not, thats ok, I’ll add it to the list of basic needs on the request list.

(Jason) #2

Use a * between the phone numbers or use rule machine and use a * between the numbers