SMS / Text not received

I have looked and looked and read till I am brain fried.
I have an account and my wife has an account and I shared my account with her. Mine is the one used to set up the home monitoring kit.
Both our apps on our phones are in sync. Everything works good except getting SMS / text to her phone. She is ATT and I am Verizon
I recall it working on day. We first noticed that there was only ONE place to add a phone and so I added Notify Me When, and it seemed to work, but now NOTHING seems to work. That was Monday when it worked and that was the last day it worked.

I wish this program would allow more than one cell phone number, under dashboard>security>Text and Push notifications.
I have mine in there and I get the app notifications and the sms text.
She only gets the App notification.
I have tried Notify Me When SmartApp but it does not work, she is not getting the text.
I have tried CUSTOM and set it up and she is not getting the text.
I have tried everything that I can think of.


no problems here. make sure the event that triggers the SMS is being triggered. there should not be a problem.