Temp Sensor

I am looking for a realiable temperature sensor. I already have 8 of the Xioami Aquara sensors, they work great when they work, but they just seemt to fall of the network or had to get to stay on. I am tired of screwing around with them for years now.

I see the older Iris Gen2 and Gen3 contact sensors going cheap on ebay have temp minotoring. I have one Gen2, should I go with these or does anyone else have a suggestion?

Thank you.

Try the monoprice motion and temperature sensor, it’s got a great battery life is reasonably accurate: [RELEASE] Monoprice/Linear/GoControl WAPIRZ-1 Motion Sensor with Temperature and Battery Device Type (Updated)

Alternative you could try the Monoprice or ZooZ 4 in 1 sensor, it’s got more features and a more accurate sensor (0.1 degrees) but a shorter battery life: [RELEASE] Official Monoprice 4 in 1 Motion Sensor with Temperature, Humidity, Light, Battery and Tamper Notifications Device Handler

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I bought the ZOOZ 4-in-1 sensor for the wine cellar back in April: https://www.smartthings.com/products/zooz-4-in-1-sensor-v2 I’m still on the original battery which is good, however, the motion does occasionally miss fire which I have not see in any of my Aeotec or Smartthings 2015 sensors. I also had to calibrate the humidity level which was off by 10%. Otherwise, temp and humidity are the most accurate/reliable.