Temp humidity motion multi sensor that is PIR?

Hi all! I’m expanding our humidifier control (will be posting webcore pistons soon) and am looking for additional humidity sensors. to date I’m using 2 EverSpring 814-2’s which are great. it would be nice to get some multi-sensors with motion and temp - catch is that it needs to be pet immune for our two cats.

I had to remove the old motion sensors and started putting in Ecolink PIR-ZWAVE2-ECO’s which the cats don’t seem to set off.

Most I have found is not pet safe - any suggestions?

there is the mono price, though I have never used anything from mono price: https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=15902


The Zooz multi sensor has seven levels of sensitivity, so it would probably work:

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too funny, I was just going to post a link to a site I noticed you commented on with some good reviews! I’m going to try the Zooz out, thanks!

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I got both the monoprice and ZooZ to see if they are the same or not, they look the same on the outside.

Could be the same, Monoprice sells a lot of white label products. Look for the FCC license and if those are the same, then you’ll know.

both units have arrived. Only the mono price has an FCC sticker

both units look the same inside and outside except the ZooZ back cover allows for attaching an included “arm” bracket, mono price is smooth without the cutouts for the bracket

The two devices do report with different IDs. Using boy device drivers, he has one for each device. I compared the drivers and believe they can be merged, the ZooZ has a bug workaround that the mono price does not. I sent an e-mail tor boy seeing if they can be merged and updated together to keep them current.

I expect these to behave the same, time will tell. if the bracket isn’t needed I would venture to say the mono price is a better buy,

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I just received the Zooz 4-in-1 and have 2 80 lb pits bulls. They set it off even at the least sensitive setting which is disappointing because I’d like one sensor that can do motion, light, and humidity, and temp. Thinking I may need to order the dome motion/light sensor because I hear its the best for pet immunity and use a second sensor for temp/humidity, unfortunately :confused:

Did you wake the sensor up after changing the sensitivity setting in the app? Anytime you adjust a setting, you’ll need to click the z-wave button with a paper clip (the LED indicator will flash) so the sensor can wake up and receive new information from the hub.

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Yes I have made a multitude of adjustments and of course you need to physically click reset everytime which is mildly annoying. I am happy with the sensor otherwise and will likely use in a bathroom to control lights and fan based on motion, light levels, and humidity via webcore. Can’t use for security because of the dogs tho. Dome sensor should arrive today - excited to test it out.

I think you will always have some issue with larger dogs. I would try door/window sensors and a glass break sensor instead, might have less troubles.

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Yeah I didn’t start on the smarthome journey for security in the first place but it would be a nice feature even if it isn’t foolproof. The dogs themselves should be a burglar deterrant at least(although I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t hurt a fly). Wasn’t aware of glass break sensors. Definitely interesting. Im not quite ready to buy a $20 open close sensor for every window on the first floor but that would be reliable.

Yeah the glass break sensor would be a more economical option, probably get away with only 1-2 per floor. Then just use door sensors for the exterior doors and something like a ring doorbell. You can also then use the motion sensors for motion lighting, temp and humidity.

Definitely let us know if the Dome sensor did the trick, it will be something to recommend others having similar issues with pet immunity.