Temperature/Humidity Sensor

Looking for a reliable Temperature/Humidity sensor. I have tried Monoprice Motion/Temp and after a while they stop working or take forever to update even with the paid for DTH. I have tried Xiaomi sensor. Stays on the network for a few hours and then drops off to never come back. Is there anything else out there that is just Temp/Hum and not a 5 in 1.

I personally use the xiaomi sensors from gearbest.com they work really good with STH they’re about $9 usd per sensor on that site. I’m not sure if they’re 100% accurate but for my needs they work. I did try putting them in the bathroom with a shower running to see how they reacted with the temperature and humidity as well as put them into the freezer. No drop outs for me so far.

Yea I have 7 of them and they eventually fall off the network. Which DTH are you using

Some discussion here:

I am looking myself as well. I have monoprice 4-1 for my restroom very happy with it turns on exhaust fan etc off humidity. However I need one for my daughter’s restroom. I showed her the one in ours and first thing she said is it looks like a camera. So that is not going to work.
Let me know what u come up with.
I have been reading and researching haven’t came up with a solution.

On the Temp Xiaomi sensors I’ve found the Temp to be pretty accurate on mine. I place it next to my thermostat and there was 1/2 degree difference. I then moved it to another room and used a different thermometer and there was less than 1/2 degree difference.

The only thing that I know of thats well off if the pressure readings. I’ve been comparing what I’m getting off of the Aqara to the local airport ADDS - METAR and there is a constant 33.7 Millibar difference. Luckily theres an offset setting so I can adjust.

I bought a 5 pack of the SmartThings temp/humidity when they were on sale about a year ago. So far I’ve replaced two batteries and overall they work well. One has been in my fridge for 9+ months and also works surprisingly well.

I dont think they make them anymore

That’s unfortunate. I’ve never had an issue with them and they’ve never dropped off the network. I’m sure they’re like most other smart things sensors, just rebranded centralite ones that other manufactures rebrand also.

I was happy for a minute reading ur reply. I searched the brand found it Centralite 3-Series Zigbee Temperature Humidity Sensor - Model 3310, however 93.00 o but wait regular price is 130.00. lol. Yikes.

Ironic…the only SmartThings sensor that hasn’t given me some type of issue in the last year and a 1/2 and they no longer make it. Lol.

Yeah, think they were like $30 a piece for the 5 pack with a 20% deal going. Sorry to get your hopes up.

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