Temperature Sensor Recommendations

I’m looking for a good Temperature & Humidity Sensor. I can do other functions, but the main purpose is T&H. So I don’t really need a motion sensor unless that’s really my only option.

And yes, I just did a search. But was quite surprised that nothing really came up. I figured there would be at least a few good hits.


Iris motion sensors are cheap and do temp and humidity. My use case was humidity only. They are cheap on eBay.

What country are you in? The device selection does vary somewhat.

As far as doing a search and not finding anything, did you check the community device class features FAQ? There are links in that thread to threads about lots of different devices, including temperature sensors. :sunglasses:

Bulbs, switches and sensors, oh my....what to buy (device class features FAQ)

Also, how accurate do you need to sensor to be? Most of the inexpensive ones that work with smartthings for home automation Are really intended for HVAC controls. So within about 2°F is usually good enough if it means the sensor can be less expensive. But that might not be sensitive enough for some users.

I have five Xiaomi Aqara sensors with custom DH and they’re great, reliable and low battery consumption. I have bought the sensors from AliExpress.


Device Handler:

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Thanks all…

I’m in the US and at the location I’m trying to add the Temp/Humidity I’m using my older v2 Hub.

I had read a little about the Aqara sensors, but a lot of it was older and I guess they originally had trouble pairing. But after some more reading, it looks like they’ve resolved those issues. So I’ll do a little more research on them, but they look like they’ll do what I need.


Reports are that the newest version, the Zigbee 3.0, are more stable. Also, even the older models do pretty well as long as you are using IKEA tradfri pocket sockets for your Zigbee repeaters. :sunglasses:

Xiaomi aqara, end of story

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Tuya zigbee humidity sensor works straight out of the box with local device handler.

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My Aqara has been nothing but trouble. It dies as soon as it grabs onto a repeater. And it always grabs onto a repeater, even when I had the hub sitting directly on top of it. I wish it worked for me, but it doesn’t.


The Aqara sensors do keep you entertained. Apart from wanting to try it out, the reason I have two SmartThings hubs in my Location is so I can isolate the Aqaras from the devices that play nicely with each other. I wouldn’t expect an Aqara to be able to recover if it was using a repeater that got switched off.


I remember one guy from this community that suggested to use a standalone hardware acting as a zigbee repeater ( like the ikea plug).

Unfortunately I have the same problem with my aqara temp sensor and motion sensor, they keep link to my ikea tradfri bulbs.when my wife turns off one bulb… you get it, no temp sensor :grin:

Maybe …just maybe one day aqara devices will become officially “SmartThings compatible”


You can check out the Monoprice and ZooZ 4 in 1 sensors. They have lux and motion sensors too, but you can reduce their sensitivity so they have minimal impact on battery life if you don’t need them. It also depends on the accuracy of the temp/humidity that you need. These devices can report up to a 0.1F change in temperature and 1% change in humidity at maximum sensitivity (which consumes more battery)


I’ve given up for the random drop offs. I’m trialling the new Sonoff zigbee temp and hum sensors and working well so far.


I would also recommend the aqara temp/humidity sensor. Everyone seems to either love it or hate it.

I did struggle with random drop-offs, but about 3 months ago I added an aqara smart plug to the network, and haven’t had a single drop-off since.

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I’m really surprised that more people aren’t using the zigbee tuya sensors they are as cheap as the xiaomi aqara ones but more reliable and work locally.

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Thanks @tleroy.

But the common theme seems to be that you have to do something (like add a plug) before the Aqara work. I’m just wanting to add a simple monitor to one location.

So from what info I’ve been able to dig up online so far, the Sonoff is in the lead.

I build my Environment Sensor that I start to sell in the form of DIY kit. The Environment Sensor side of thing Temperature, Humidity, pressure and light comes out of the box. DTH is available. There is a possibility of expanding with additional sensor and serial port. It is a DC powered with optional battery backup.

If this is something of an interest, here is a link.

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They don’t run locally. But should definitely be more reliable since they use standard zigbee 3.0.

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Don’t they :thinking:

Any recommendations for a temperature sensor for a freezer? I have tried one and the battery drain was only 2.5 days.