TCP Lights & Power Outage

Our power went out the other night. It happens to us from time to time. Everything is working properly, the TCP light hub controls the lights well and the ST Hub is working as usual with all other devices. However, the ST Hub can no longer control any of the lights. We have about 10 of them.

What is the easiest way to fix this? I’d rather not delete each bulb and re-add it, is there another way?

Hey Jeff,

Send us an email at and we’ll help you out.

For Future Reference this was the response that I received:

Sorry for the trouble. It’s possible that your power outage would have caused the router to be reset which could have caused the router to assign your TCP Gateway a new IP address. If that happened and the hub is unable to rediscover your Gateway due to the IP address change, unfortunately you’ll have to remove and reconnect your TCP bulbs from scratch.

The TCP integration was actually built by one of our community developers, so I’d recommend reaching out to the community forums to see if that is what happened:

TCP Lights not connecting! **HELP**

But before you do, I’d recommend power cycling your hub and playing with the states of the bulbs from the TCP app. Then go back to the Things page to see if you can actuate the TCP bulbs from the SmartThings app.

It looks like I’m going to have to delete all TCP devices and then re-install.

When I’m logged in on the web site (not the app) and attempt to delete each device, I then receive the message “Device still in use. Remove from SmartApps, Dashboards, or Hello Home, then try again”.

I really do not want to delete pretty much everything in my account. Is there a way around this?

You’re not going to like the answer :frowning:

oh man - that can’t be right. Waiting on response from Tech Support

You don’t have to delete everything on your account. Just deselect the TCP bulb(s) from the automations you’re using. If you can’t remember you can go to the Things page and click on the gear next to each device. There’ll be a tile called “SmartApps” that when clicked will give you links to each place the device is being used.

I had to do it several times with my sonos whenever we lost power. Then I made MAC address reservations for it and haven’t had a problem since after losing power. Perhaps do the same for the TCP Hub before you rebuild?

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Thanks Tyler, Greg,
Most of my automations involve the lightbulbs and motion sensors soo… I will do this and attempt to reserve the MAC addresses

You don’t have to delete your configuration. You have to configure your router to assign “reserved” address to your TCP hub and set it to whatever it was before the power outage. Then reboot the router and the TCP hub. This will also prevent it from happening in the future.

Thanks, was using DHCP and not sure what the original IP was. Will set in hope that prevents future issue

wow - much easier to do a house reset… this should be worked on

Same happened to me. I upgraded my At&t uverse dsl and had to adjust my interior IP addresses. Needless to say I had to delete my TCP bulbs from all my modes, smart aps, etc. It was a pain to say the least.

Ended up deleting hub and then starting from scratch.

There is an easier way, though (doh!):
Just go into the ST app and re-add the TCP lightbulbs under “Things”. I was afraid this would cause duplicate entries. However, it just recognized that they were the same bulbs and all actions started working again.