TCP Lighting Integration Issue - 10/27

We were just informed that TCP Lighting has pushed a mandatory firmware upgrade to their gateway that breaks the integration with SmartThings. Once your gateway is updated, you will not be able to control your TCP bulbs within the SmartThings App, and SmartApps will not be able to control the bulbs. However, you will be able to continue to control the bulbs using TCP’s app and hardware remote. We are working with them to resolve the issue in a timely manner. We will inform you as we get more information regarding the issue.

ugh. is there anyway to prevent the firmware update?! I have halloween fun stuff already built that includes my TCPs@!@#@!?

Currently my TCP lights are working fine.

I’m hoping I don’t get the update. This is an example where open concept doesn’t work. Let’s hope its a one off issue.

What firmware is the breaking version?

kind of humorous that TCP tweeted about the integration today.

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Based on reports from other users, it appears that the breaking version is 3.0.74.

@greg – I wondered about this as well, going forward, for other hub devices that talk to SmartThings, I’m wondering if I can isolate the hub (in this case, TCP) from Wan access, but still have hooks to SmartThings on the Lan (basically block the mac at the firewall from Wan access).

Otherwise, I’m not sure if there’s a way to prevent the firmware from a mandatory update. With that said, I cant recall how SmartThings hooks in to the TCP device (presuming on .local/private ip space, given some redirecting http errors), and I’m not sure if isolating the TCP device from the Wan would break any SmartThings hooks – though worth a shot at this point, considered the TCP Firmware Update borks things.

Good luck!

The TCP Hub tries to communicate with it’s mothership (greenwave) every few seconds. You can block the IP or port (49494 I believe) at your firewall and it should have little impact performance. I think it slows the hub down a bit, but it will still work. ST will still work because it’s inside the local network. Remember you’ll have to assign a fixed IP to the hub to block it.


Would need to figure out the url/ip/port that the TCP hub is getting the firmware from and just block that at your firewall. Then you can continue letting the hub have wan access without having to worry about the update.

What @wackware said. : )

Assuming there is no way to downgrade the TCP hub firmware if this update has already pushed? I won’t be home until tonight to block this connection and I assume that its going to go through before I can stop it…

[UPDATE 10/28]
TCP Lighting continues to work on resolving the issue as quickly as possible. They have advised us that the firmware update only went out to a small subset of users and that they have halted pushing the firmware updates to the remaining gateways. We are expecting to receive another update within the next 48 hours and will continue to post new information here.

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hurrah Halloween is saved! I’m still on 3.0.39
Thanks for the update Gilbert

Just make sure you share us some videos of your SmartThings filled Halloween.

I’d love to know when they stopped pushing this update out. My hub was updated at 5:00pm Eastern and now my TCP lights don’t work via my Smart Things app.

@wackware is this my issue??

Did it force you to resync your hub when you go into the tcp phone app?

We’re still waiting for an update from TCP. We’ll be updating you all when we get additional information. Hang on tight guys.

We’re not sure when they halted the firmware pushes.

If anyone got a new update past our announcement, please flag it so I can bring this to their attention.

Hi All,
We were just informed that we should be expecting additional details on how to solve the issue on Monday. They’re implementing a new authentication flow between their gateway and other devices on the LAN. Seems like they’re taking a similar approach to pairing to a Sonos or Hue Bridge. More to come.