Smartthings + TCP Connected - need some guidance

Hello, I have a collection of Connected by TCP lights that i’m trying to integrate with my SmartThings V2 hub. I have the SmartApp downloaded and I can get all the way to the point where you select your bulbs. It will let me select them, but when I click Done in the upper right hand corner, i get an error message that says “Failed to save page: chooseBulbs”.

Any suggestions on what to try next?

By " SmartApp downloaded" I assume you are referring to the Tcp Bulbs connect app. Once you install that app, all you should need to do is enter your TCP connect credentials, then click done, done. If I remember correctly ( been a while) you may be prompted to hit the sync button on the TCP hub to prove you are home and owner of the hub.
There has been a lot of instability of late with the TCP connect integration . I am constantly getting notifications in ST that TCP hub is offline .

I figured out the problem. When I first started SmartThings I could not find the “official” TCP Connect app. I created a custom app by using code from a Connected by TCP application in the templates area. That code looked exactly like the “real” one but cannot persist the changes for some reason. @RLDreams gave me the idea that there is likely an official one. Once i found it, i installed it and that worked like a charm.

FYI - you might need to reauthorize it every few days.

@dieselfrog - are you using the one by wackford?

I am not having any luck with mine.

I have just tried again via the IDE and I am getting:

error Device type ‘TCP Bulb’ in namespace ‘wackford’ not found. @ line 121

I went through the mobile app in the Light bulbs area. I was using one the Wackford one (n the ide) but that one would not work for me.

I found the one that works by going to the following (IPhone app)

Click on the Market place (thing that looks like an asterix) --> Lights & Switches --> Light Bulbs --> TCP

OK - cool.

I don`t have TCP as an option. Clearly different for UK Users.
(I am guessing you are stateside…)

Yes, we users here in the colonies get all the nice stuff :wink:

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